What To Do When People Quit Your MLM

It is a fact of life we face in our business. People Quit MLM. What do you do when people quit? Is there anything you can actually do to prevent it?

people quit mlmIf you have spent any time building an mlm business, you have experienced the fact that people quit mlm. It’s not a fun fact, but it is a fact. And, the reality is that this will always happen. So, how do we process this?  How do we keep growing our business even when people quit?

We just keep building.

As a company owner, I see people that join and quit business opportunities on a regular basis. I see it in my own companies. They sign up, hang around for a few weeks, don’t follow any of the training, and they quit. They complain “it’s not working” when the reality is that THEY are the part that isn’t working.


I don’t spend any extra time on folks that do this. I spend my time with people who are following the training and getting results.

I think of it this way: “If you will push the gas pedal, I can help you learn how to steer the car.“. The opposite is also true.

The opposite is also true. If you have someone that simply won’t push down the pedal, won’t make sure there is gas in the tank, or just keeps getting out of the car, you will NEVER be able to teach them to drive.

Think of it like this:

When someone joins your team, they are sitting down in the car. They are looking around. They see the lights, the buttons, and they start to think, “How fast can this car go?”. You begin to educate them. You explain that they need to have gas in the tank. Marketing, advertising, prospecting are what fuels your business. Can they put some gas in the tank? If they can (and DO), then you can keep working with them.

So you start talking about the cool stuff in the car. You look at the GPS. This is how they will know where to go. This is the training, the information they will use to decide where they are going and how they are going to get there. You might talk about the engine, some of the great features and buttons, etc.. Show them what is possible.

A lot of your new referrals are going to get bogged down in the “what if” scenarios. They will want to ask you about things that are coming up 20, 100, or even 1,000 miles down the road. Your goal is to help them learn how to navigate their way around the block, first. Do we want to go 1,000 miles? Yes! But, first … let’s get around the block.

Is your new referral willing to follow the basic instructions to learn how to navigate? If they are, you can keep working with them.

Now, let’s start the car. Let’s put some of these things we’ve talked about in to action. Will they start the car? If they don’t get the car started, there won’t be any need to drive. An idle engine covers no miles. You can’t teach someone to drive if they won’t even start the car.

This is a very simplified way of looking at things, but it really is pretty much how I approach the idea of choosing who I will work with. I work ONLY with those who are willing to sit in the car, add some fuel, follow directions, and stick with the plan.

When someone asks me, “How do I __________?”, I will make sure the information is available. If they keep asking that same question and don’t watch the video, don’t read the training, I will simply not be able to help them. I’m still willing, but they are preventing progress if they won’t DO what we talked about.

I have stopped asking why people quit MLM. They just do. At the end of the day, I know that a percentage of people are going to quit. And I’m ready for it. I spend NO time worrying about it. Daily, I view reports and see who is still in it, who is building, who is stalling, who has quit, etc… I spend my time on those first two groups.

It’s a business decision. There is no profit in trying to train people that won’t follow through.

You want to remind yourself: This is a business. I’ve got friends who are not in the business with me. We’re friends and we can hang out, play music, talk, etc… But, when it comes to business, I spend my time with the people I can actually get things done with.

I let the quitters quit. And, quite often, I hear back from them when they realize what they’ve done. They say something like, “Man, I should have stuck with it. Can I get going again?”. And we get them started again. I invite them to sit down in the car. I ask them if they are ready to fuel the tank and learn the ropes. And we go on from there.

What do you do when you see people quit mlm? Share in the comments, below.

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