Share Your MLM Success Stories

MLM Success Stories – Are you sharing YOURS?
Do you realize how powerful your story is, already?

mlm success storiesWe get so caught up talking about 5 figure monthly income earners, multi-millionaires, and rags to riches stories that we don’t take the time to recognize our own success.

Your story may seem small to you. But your simple story of what seems like a small success  may make a huge difference to someone watching.

Let’s look at a few examples:

Take a look at your own business, even if you are brand new.

What many of your prospects and new team members are asking, right now, is:

“Can I Really Do This?”

mlm success storiesAnd, if all we do is focus on those “mega-success” stories, your prospects and new team members are probably thinking, “Well, sure … that guy is driving a new car!” or “Of course she built a big house!” They’re good at this stuff!” But they don’t believe it’s available to them.

So, when you share those seemingly small mlm success stories, the people you are talking to start thinking, “Well .. it seems to be working for them. Maybe I can do what they are doing”.

What if you haven’t created any of your own mlm success stories, yet? Simple. Borrow from other team members. And don’t be afraid to tell your prospects and new members. As an example, you might say something like, “I’m just getting started, myself. My upline was recently able to follow a few simple steps and was generating leads online within a few hours. They are teaching me how it all works and I am looking forward to getting these results in my own business. Why not take a look with me and let’s see if they can help you, too!” 

You’re not trying to over hype things. You’re not lying. You’re telling them you are just getting started and you are creating your own small mlm success stories to get started.

One of my new affiliates in got really excited because he followed some steps I laid out for him in my ebook. Within days, he had generated over 50 leads and had referred 1 new sale. A few days earlier, he didn’t even know how to log in and set up a campaign!

Make a point of sharing your mlm success stories along the way, even when you think they are small. Big stories are really just the next step when someone focuses on the small victories and doesn’t get distracted.

Share in your facebook groups, your twitter account, your linked-in profile, etc…

Folks are watching. When they see you experiencing success, some of them are going to want to learn more. Share your stories so they have the opportunity to see you and potentially work with you to create their stories!

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1 thought on “Share Your MLM Success Stories”

  1. I 100% agree with this advice, I make it a habit to save every single sign-up, referral and lead that my marketing produces, WHY? Simple, I want to share those with others, people love to see REAL RESULTS! They want to know that the person they’re listening to is at least active and TRYING to reach that finish line. Save your successes in this way and post them on your Facebook pages and anywhere else that you can think of. Others Will gravitate to you as being someone who is worth following.


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