How To Build a Real MLM Team

Have you ever wondered how to build a real MLM team?

build a real MLM teamEvery where you look, you see ads for the latest and greatest team build for some program or another. The sad part is, so many of these folks offering their latest “team build” don’t actually understand what a team is.

If you want to build a real MLM team, it is important that you first understand what a team actually is. This is where most “team build” ideas fail.

Of course, there is always the Together Everyone Achieves More approach. It is absolutely true that a real team that works together achieves more. The problem comes from folks who join and think, “Now that I’ve joined the team, my sponsor is going to make me successful.”. This is a huge mistake.

Joining with a good sponsor can absolutely help you learn faster. But if you truly want to experience MLM success,  YOU are going to have to build your business.

A “Team Build” is not a matter of one leader doing the promoting, training, supporting for a bunch of folks who sign up and then wait. A true “TEAM Build” is where a group … a TEAM of motivated and productive members … all work together to achieve the common goal.

Years ago, I coached some high school basketball. I constantly drilled my players on learning the fundamentals of the game. Everybody that played for me was going to be counted on to develop ball handling skills, court awareness, knowledge of the game, offensive and defensive awareness, athleticism, and conditioning. If a player didn’t work on these skills and show me constant effort and improvement, that player did not get playing time.

The end result was that we had a powerful team of players who could score from just about anywhere on the floor, knew how to communicate on offense and defense and won a lot of games. We even brought home a few Nationals trophies. Some of those young men received college scholarships, and one is now playing in the NBA.

When we would pull up to a tournament and I would see a competing team that had one superstar, it was easy to see how to beat that team. Don’t let their superstar get the ball. If we effectively stopped that player, the rest of the team fell easily. They were all so used to their superstar scoring and getting the work done that they didn’t know how to actually play the game. Those teams did not win much at the higher levels.

A real team is made up of a group of individuals with each one understanding that they have a role to play in bringing success to the team.

If you are managing a team build, and you are giving your prospects the idea that all they have to do is join and you will make them rich, shame on you. Teach your team to DO what you are doing so they can create success. They’ll be more fun to work with, too.

If you are joining a team build based on someone else’s promise to make you rich, shame on you. Take responsibility for your success.

A real team, in both business and sports, is built by every individual knowing they have a role to play and fulfilling that role as a commitment to the overall team’s success.

In network marketing, if you want to build a real mlm team, you should make sure you are constantly leading by example. DO the things you want your team members to do. BE the sponsor you wish you had. DEMONSTRATE what it takes to be successful. SUPPORT those who are following through and working with you.

Set yourself and your team up for success by setting the example and teaching your team members how to CREATE success; not wait for success.

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