Why Do We Advertise?

why do we advertiseThe real answer to “Why Do We Advertise” is that we want exposure. Advertising gives us exposure to potential customers and distributors. Pretty simple, right?

Advertising is not a magic button by any stretch of the imagination. But, when we do it right, amazing things can happen in our business.

When it comes to advertising, I see two main groups of people:

Group 1: Those who advertise.
Group 2: Those who do not advertise.

Group 2 typically doesn’t stay in business very long and they usually blame everyone but themselves. They blame the economy. They blame their upline. They blame their downline. They blame the company. Somehow, they never connect their lack of advertising to their lack of success.

Group 1 can really be broken down in to two other groups:

Group A: Those who advertise well.
Group B: Those who do not advertise well.

Group A wins consistently. They are constantly reaching out to expose their offer to more and more people. They conduct split-run testing to make sure their ads are effective. They know that there is more to effective advertising than just slapping up a banner or some text and hoping for the best. They track their results, make changes, and work on giving themselves the best shot at advertising success. The ads they run go to a capture page so they can build their list of prospects and follow up.

Their ads focus on answering a question, solving a problem, inviting potential customers to learn more.

Group B is frustrated. They run ads that are nothing more than the company name. Their ads make ridiculous claims that they can’t back up. Their ads go to a registration page instead of a capture page.

And this group asks, “Why do we advertise?” because they believe advertising doesn’t work.

This is an important distinction: Poor advertising doesn’t work.

Make your advertising count!

Focus your ad on how you can help your customers solve a problem.

Focus your ad on how you can help your new distributors create income.

Focus your ad on THEIR needs; not your own.

Have a clear call to action.

Have your ad connect responses to a capture page so interested prospects can request more information.

When you do advertising right, the answer to “Why do we advertise?” is answered by, “Because advertising works!”


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