Network Marketing Examples

network marketing examplesLooking for some solid network marketing examples? Trying to gain a better understanding of network marketing in general? This article should help.

The basics: Network marketing is a method used by many companies around the world. This business model relies on a network of distributors to build a business. In it’s strictest sense, social media is a form of network marketing. Have you heard of folks who are getting paid for their posts on Instagram? They are capitalizing on their “reach” by sharing posts with their network. In exchange, companies pay these popular Instagram users to put their products and services in front of their network.

Other network marketing examples include companies most of us have at least heard of, such as Amway, Herbalife, Mary Kay, Melaleuca, etc…

You may be surprised that there are actually many more network marketing examples you may never have heard of.

When I talk to people about network marketing examples, I like to talk about how we all like to make referrals or recommendations. When a friend of mine asks me about a good restaurant, I have a few I always recommend.

If someone asks me about a book I’m reading, I’m more than happy to share the title and author.

If someone says they like the shirt I’m wearing and asks me where I got it, I’ll gladly share.

These are all examples of what many of us know as “referral marketing”. Network marketing works much the same way, but when we make that referral … and the person we referred makes a purchase, we get paid a sales commission. This is how many people make their living! They simply connect customers to companies and earn commissions when the deal is done.

When you really break it down, real estate professionals are another form of network marketing. The listing agent gets paid a commission when the property sells. The seller’s agent and/or buyer’s agent will get a commission when the property sells. The brokers will get a commission when the property sell. That can mean a lot of folks getting commissions for selling that house. They tap in to their network of other real estate agents, buyers, sellers, investors, etc… and earn income by making the right connections.

If you are considering network marketing, my advice is to recognize that you are starting a business. Treat it like a business if you intend to create significant income.

As with any other business model, some do well. Others don’t do as well. It helps to partner with a company and team that are providing a real service and can give you the tools you need to get started.

If you see an ad here on our site that interests you, click it to learn more. Contact the advertiser to ask questions. Remember to make a “business decision” about network marketing. Many people around the world have used network marketing to help supplement or even replace their traditional job income. has a great article about network marketing here.


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