How Do I Get People To Join My MLM

get people to join my mlmI get this question a lot: How do I get people to join my mlm? My answer is always the same: You don’t. Our business isn’t about getting people to join or making people join anything. We present information. We sort through the people who are open to taking in the information.

We really are in the sorting business.

I spend zero time convincing people to do anything. I never wake up thinking I need to get people to join my mlm. I do wake up knowing I need to sort through people. When I meet new friends, my “sorting mechanism” kicks in automatically. We talk about family, occupation, recreation, money (F.O.R.M.). These are things we are all interested in anyway, and they are great ways to start a conversation. Most of the time … MOST of the time, I do not identify anyone that I want in my business. I may meet someone I can have a decent conversation with. We may become friends. Every once in a while, my sorting helps me identify someone that may be interested in learning more.

As an example, I was recently at a local watering hole (yes … a bar) and I met someone. I had just played bass with a great singer. This guy said, “Hey, you guys sound great. Can I buy you a beer?”. I was more than happy to accept and we started talking. We started, naturally enough, with talking about music. That is what had just happened. The conversation moved to Family (he’s divorced with two young kids) … to occupation (He’s an electrician) … to recreation (he loves to camp and hunt) … to money (he likes his job and has a side business). We talked about marketing his side business. He asked what I do besides music and I talked to him about helping home based business professionals with advertising and email marketing. We talked about how email marketing can help him build his business. He’ll be a customer, soon.

Notice the complete absence of me trying to “get people to join my mlm”. My goal was to find out some more about him. When I did that, I identified someone that could benefit from and might be interested in what I offer.

This same approach can work for you with any business. Talk to people to find out who they are and what they are interested in. They may tell you that they are too busy working to see their kids. They may tell you they hate their job and would love to do something else. They may tell you they love to hike, travel, fish, climb, and wish they had time to do it more. They may tell you they would love to be able to make more money.

I write my ads with the same mindset. I’m not writing ads to get people to join my mlm. My goal is, of course, to get them in my business IF they are ready. My ads are written to provide a solution to their pain. My ads don’t say “join my mlm”. My ads offer a solution.

When the person that needs that solution sees my ad, they click to learn more. From there, they see my capture page that offers them free information. If they want the information, the fill out the form. They get my information. If they want to learn more, my emails tell them how to learn more. If they want to talk to me after they have received the information, my emails tell them how to contact me. By the time they contact me, they are usually ready to make a decision and just want to find out of I’m real.

My ads, my emails, my conversations are all about helping provide a solution. This is why I don’t have to spend my time or energy trying to get people to join my mlm. I simply find people that have a problem I can help them. When I help them, they decided to join me. (They didn’t join my MLM. They joined ME because I gave them a solution.)

Hopefully, you found some wisdom in this article for how you can build your business. While we all think about the numbers, recruiting, etc… I want to encourage you to identify the solution your company provides. Then find the people who need that solution. Show them how you can help them solve a problem. You won’t be able to stop your business from growing.

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