MLM Advertising Realities

mlm advertising realitiesMLM Advertising can be a great way to generate leads. I think it wise to say that you also need to be ready to face some mlm advertising realities as you move forward. Let’s take a look at them together as we move through this advertising process.

People are not looking for you. What they are looking for is something to help them ease their pain, make life easier, get something for all the hard work they have to do.

People are not clicking links with their credit card in hand. If anything, they are clicking a link and thinking, “This is probably another one of those scams. I’ll check it out and if anything seems ‘fishy’, I’m out.”.

So, if people aren’t looking for you, and they aren’t clicking links with their credit card out, why bother with mlm advertising? Because advertising works … if you do it right! And, that is the key.

I’ve been making my living online for over 18 years. Over those years, I’ve learned some of these mlm advertising realities the hard way.

If you want your advertising to be effective, you need to keep these things in mind:

Your Ad Must Capture Their Attention Like you, the other people surfing the web are busy. They came across your ad while looking at something else. Your ad copy and your visual (for banner advertising) absolutely just capture their attention. Otherwise, they just keep on clicking.

Your Ad Copy Must Motivate Them  I once read an interesting article about writing ad copy and it went something like this:

“The only reason for any line of ad copy is to get the reader to read the next line.”

I see too much ad copy that is either far too long, trying to impress the reader on how smart the advertiser is.

I see too much ad copy that doesn’t give any real reason for the reader to care or take any action.

Here is a little guideline I personally use to help me create effective ads:

mlm advertising realitiesI know the purpose of my ad. The sole purpose of my ad is to get someone to click it. That’s it. The ad isn’t trying to sell anything, get anyone to register, sign up, etc… The goal of the ad is to get the reader to click the ad.

I try to present copy that solves a problem. Everybody is on the web looking for a way to solve some sort of problem. If your ad offers them a solution, your ad stands a much better chance of getting clicked.

If my ad does a good job of capturing attention, offering a solution, or asking a good question, the reader clicks it. The work of my ad is done.

Next comes the capture page. I see a lot of folks running ads that go directly to a sales or registration page And, they typically ask me why they aren’t getting sales.

Remember that line up there about mlm advertising realities? Nobody is clicking your link with their credit card out or thinking, “Man, I gotta sign up now!” They are thinking, “Hmmmm… what’s this about?” Your next job is to convert that visitor to a lead. How? Offer them an opportunity to learn more. Have them fill out your capture form so they can get a free report, a free sample, an interview … something that will help them learn more about how you are offering to help them.

That capture form should, of course, be attached to your autoresponder so that you are able to follow up with your prospects. These follow up messages can help you build the “know, like, and trust” factor that will make them more comfortable deciding to do business with you.

Keep these basics in mind when doing any sort of mlm advertising online:

  1. The job of your ad is to get someone to click. it.
  2. When they click your ad, they should go to your capture page; not a sales page.
  3. Your autoresponder should help your prospects get to know, like, and trust you.
  4. THEN, you can invite them to do business with you.
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