MLM Waiting Is Not MLM Building

mlm buildingI’ve heard it enough that it’s time to say something. MLM Waiting is not MLM building. What do I mean? Have you ever said or thought something like the following:

… I’m just waiting on my sponsor to …. 
… I’m just waiting to see how this team … 
… I’m just waiting to see how this sponsor … 

If you have, I can tell you exactly why your business isn’t growing.

You’re waiting on someone else to do the MLM building for you. And, you already know how that is going to work out. Hint: It’s not going to work out. 

I have never heard a top producer from any mlm business say, “Well, my sponsor built me a great business!” or “This team made me rich!” or anything along those lines.

Top MLM Producers are busy building their business. Real producers will build a team of like-minded people who are all ACTIVELY WORKING TOGETHER to get results.

Every top producer I know is actively involved in these 7 steps. Top Producers spend zero time on “mlm waiting” and focus all of their efforts and energy on “mlm building”. It just makes sense. Business is business. If you want to join a social group and hang out, chat, share links, and talk about all the “what could be” scenarios, you will have no trouble finding that sort of group. They’re everywhere, online and offline. And, there is nothing at all wrong with being involved with those sorts of group.

But if you want to build a strong mlm business, make sure you are aligned with and working with people who are focused on the real work of mlm building. This includes, generating leads, following up, and helping your new team members get started. “Get started” is more than just signing up. You want to make sure you give your team members the information and systems they need to build a true mlm business.

A team of people actually working, even if it’s part-time, is going to do tremendous things for your business. If someone can give you 5 hours a week, show them how to effectively USE those 5 hours per week. If you are the one that has 5 hours available each week, spend those 5 hours on mlm building activities.

Did you know that spending an hour per day, consistently focused on real activity can move your business forward? Here is an excellent example for us all to follow:

How To Earn Quickly With TOAN

Feel free to share your thoughts or comments. We’d love to hear from you!


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