MLM Straight Talk

Warning: MLM Straight Talk Coming Up

mlm straight talkThis post is for those who approach their MLM business with a business mindset. Program jumpers and weak hands may want to avoid reading this post as it could easily offend some those types.

In the 20 years that I have been involved with the mlm or network marketing industry, I have seen and experienced a lot of things. My goal here is to pass some of this information on to you in the form of some MLM Straight Talk.

I am going to break this down to things leaders do and things leaders don’t do.

Leaders Do focus on building their business. They are constantly working to generate new leads and drive new sales and enrollments.

Leaders Do show their team where to find the right information so they can follow the example.

Leaders Do work with those team members who are actively following the leadership example and taking action to build their business.

Leaders Do Not waste any time asking what their upline is doing. They know that their business will rise and fall based on what they themselves do. If you are not personally taking on the responsibility of building your business, there is no upline that can make you successful.

Leaders Do Not waste time asking what their downline is doing. “Why aren’t they …. ” is a question I never hear from any successful mlm professional. They are solely focused on what they are doing and working with those who are doing the same.

Do You Want To Be a MLM Leader? Here Comes Some More MLM Straight Talk:

DO what you wish your upline was doing. Generate new leads. Drive new sales. Show your team how to generate new leads and drive new sales.

DO what your wish your downline was doing. Generate new leads. Drive new sales.

Recognize these truths:

Not everyone who joins you is going to stay.

Not everyone who joins you is actually ready to build a business.

Some of them are going to lie to you. Some of them are going to quit. Some will try to waste your time complaining rather than actually doing the work.

Your role will always be the same: Generate New Leads. Drive New Sales. Teach your team to generate new leads. Teach your team to drive new sales. Some of those team members will step up and do the work. These are the ones who deserve your time, attention, and help.

MLM Straight Talk

EVERYBODY will want your help. Help those who actually earn it. How do they earn it? They actually DO the steps you give them to do. Their questions will be more about fine-tuning the process they are using than constantly asking “How do I ________?” without actually applying any action to the answers you’ve already given.

When someone asks me how to be successful, I give them some specific steps to follow. When they come back and ask, again (and they do) I ask them to show me how they have applied my previous instructions. If they cannot show me the action they’ve taken, the only advice I can offer is, “Go back and do the things we talked about earlier”.

mlm straight talkI have always taken the position of “I can work WITH anyone who is actively pursuing what they say they want. I cannot and will not do the work FOR someone that refuses to take appropriate action.

I’ve learned some of these things the hard way. I’ve enrolled someone and then constantly followed up with them to get them to take appropriate action. They would simply not do what was instructed and would complain to me about their lack of results. It was exhausting.

When I stopped catering to folks like that and shifted my focus to those team mates who are actively and consistently taking appropriate action, life became easier. Business started growing. Conversations became more fun.

When I get messages from real team members, I get excited. I know we are about to have a fun and potentially profitable conversation.

When I get messages from those who whine and refuse to take action, I know that person is going to try to waste my time. They don’t “intend” to waste my time. They just want to talk about the business rather than actually WORK on the business.

And, part of my own mlm straight talk approach requires that I don’t allow my time to be wasted. I will answer the questions but I won’t spend any time trying to “convince” or persuade someone that isn’t truly invested in their own success.

I would rather take that time to generate more leads, follow up with more prospects and drive new sales.

What has been your experience in building your own MLM business? Does this MLM Straight Talk speak to you? Agree or Disagree? Share your thoughts in the comments, below …



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