Get Free With The Power of 3!

Create Financial Freedom From Home With The Power of 3

We’re starting to see some great results with

Advertisers are seeing click-through’s, generating new leads, and closing new sales.

And our simple yet powerful compensation plan is really starting to change some lives. We’ve got leaders receiving their cash bonuses and folks getting paid every single day!

If you are serious about creating financial freedom for yourself, I highly recommend you take a few minutes to view the following presentation.

This video is going to show you how to maximize the power of our pay plan by focusing on some very simple and achievable basic steps:

9 thoughts on “Get Free With The Power of 3!”

  1. It really is just that simple and easy.

    Please don’t make this into rocket science.
    Just find 3 people who are very serious about wanting to make an income. Even better if they are already in an MLM and want exposure for it.

    I have bookmarked a few dozen pages from the ads in the member’s area of TOAN and plan on joining the ones where I want the product for myself.

    Personally I have enough primary programs on my plate as it is right now but I can see a time where TOAN might pay better than all the rest!

    The reason it will work is because it is simple, easy to explain and easy to earn. The Key is to find a small handful of very serious people and work with those 3 as fast as possible to really help them get their 3!

    Bruce Nelkin LMT

  2. Brian…you’re absolutely spot on!
    This isnt rocket science!…the best way to ‘check something out’ is to ‘jump right in!
    it’s $19.95 a month
    Get 3 and yours is free!
    When everyone does this without over thinking it, then once the matrix infills thru the 10th level…we’re earning a bloody fortune.!..what a way to mitigate the risk associated with an online lead gen program, or any other program for that matter.
    Heck…the time i wasted on the last internet program just trying to figure out how to write an cost me thousands of dollars…in time alone.
    I was registered and I wrote my first ad within 7 minutes of joining TOAN…the ad seems to be pulling too!
    VOM baby…VOM…V.O.M…’Velocity-of-Money!’
    Lars Leonard
    “Making people smile since 1985!”…and “Earning a full-time income in board-shorts and flip-flops since 2000′

  3. Hi Brian,

    Great post. Thanks for the three-way-call with yourself and Didi the other day.

    I have just set up a new blog to promote TOAN and TrafficWave… have just written my first post… do I have your permission to put this video on my blog.


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