How To Write Killer Ads

Killer ads do do a lot of things. They inform. They educate. Most of all they create some sort of reaction.

But the most important things killer ads do? They SELL.

Nothing else matters.

It doesn’t matter if you like the ad. It doesn’t matter if your own mother likes the ad. It doesn’t matter if the ad wins major industry awards. If the ad doesn’t sell, it is a worthless ad.

So what are some of the keys to writing killer ads?

  • Killer Ads Focus on BENEFITS. What can your prospect expect to get from using your product or service?
  • Killer Ads Use Emotion. Don’t just cite facts. Try to EXCITE the reader in to taking action.
  • Killer Ads Have a Call To Action! TELL your prospect what to do … “click here” … “call now”… these are calls to action.

Writing a Killer Ad is a combination of art and science. And at the end of the day, the ONLY thing that matters is results.

I’m often asked for my opinion of an ad. I suppose I should be flattered but the reality is that my opinion means NOTHING. The only opinion that matters is the opinion of your prospects. And the way they let you know their opinion is by either clicking your ad to learn more (good opinion) or ignoring your ad altogether (low opinion).

There is something that is extremely important for every advertiser to understand:

The Advertiser Creates The Results!

To put it simply:

When the ad is getting clicks, it means the advertiser hit the target and the ad is working.


When the ad isn’t getting clicks, it means the advertiser missed the target and the ad just isn’t working.

I’ve been on both sides of this.

I’ve written ads that just ROCK! People click on them and go to my offer. That’s a good ad!

I’ve written ads that just FLOPPED, too. People see it and could care less.

When this happens (and it happens to all of us), there is only one thing left to do:

Rewrite the ad!

Maybe it’s the headline.
Maybe it’s the ad copy.
Maybe it’s the call to action.

The only way to know is to test.

This is where your TOAN account can really help you out! Because you can run unlimited ads, it is easy to create multiple versions of an ad.

This is known in the advertising business as “split-run” testing where you test multiple versions of an ad to see which is more effective.

To test headlines, create 3 (or more) versions of an ad.
Make sure they all have the same exact ad copy and call to action.
Make sure each one has a different headline.

Run all three ads and see which one gets more clicks over the course of 1,000 exposures or more.

To test your copy, now you go in and edit those ads.

Make sure they all 3 use the most effective headline and change the ad copy.

Run all three ads and see which ad gets more clicks over the course of 1,000 exposures or more.

By using this process, you can fine-tune all of your advertising so that you are running only the most impactful ads you can create.

Remember: EVERYONE (including the owner of the company) writes ads that just fall flat. I go through this same process, myself, to create ads that get results.

It’s a mix of science and art when it’s all said and done. The only way to KNOW is to test … test … and test some more.