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  1. Hello Brian –

    I am absolutely loving the site and building a nice team. Thank you for your leadership and investing the time required to conduct these webinars.

    Have a blessed day!

    James Holmes
    The Cubicle Escape Artist

  2. Quality exposure to a fresh audience is what we all need and TOAN is exactly that..I will gladly pay monthly for such exposure!! Yeah let’s get rocking! Thank You Brian.

  3. Just joined today and would love to be a part of the webinars but for those of us on the west coast who have jobs they are little early for us.

    Was wondering since we can’t make them live if you have recorded webinars we can go back to listen to them later. That would be great if you did.

    If not maybe this is something to think about for the near future.


    • Hi, John.

      These are really just Live versions of the already recorded presentation. So the recording is already available on your affiliate URL.

      These live webinars give us a way to present to a live audience to create some energy and momentum for everyone.


  4. Brian is the most network marketing professional that i have seen in my past 16 years venture online. Folks there are very very few Brians left online today. I would stick with the original guy whom I have tested over and over again. Good work Brian keep it rolling.

  5. Hey People,

    This is the way a NWM company should be run. Well done Brian.
    Simple and easy to understand and universal in appeal.

    Show me a business that doesn’t need advertising and leads and you’ll be looking at a business with a going out of business sign.

    Like Yoda said, “there is no try; you either do or do not”.
    Lets DO THIS. ;))

    I’m motivating my team to go for the 3 in 10 plan. Get your 3 people in one week or less and help them do the same. It is an easy decision, do you want the money and by when? If you work hard with your 3 people and teach them to do the same with their 3 people in 10 weeks you could fill a matrix and live happily ever after!

    One Brief note about spillover; The Benefit and Rewards of spill over come from giving it away! If you sponsor more than 3 you are helping someone a little. But, whoever receives the spillover should get their minimum 3 or more anyway. If you and everybody sponsors just 1 extra person EVERYBODY Wins!

    How hard would you work to sponsor just 4 people instead of 3, teach and help them to do the same. How great will your life be making over 80 Grand per month in under a few short months? What if you only made it half way there? Still a nice living huh… Go for it!

    Just Imagine the possibilities…

  6. Thanks Brian,

    For making the webinar and the video tutorial easy to follow.

    However, still having issue’s logging into my the back office, and still waiting for answers to my questions, of why I’m unable to update my ad campaigns, as a paid subscriber..

    I have followed the instructions of the Video tutorial, which is easy to follow, but again, the issue is gaining access to update my ad campaigns, and no response from support, and that has been at least 48 hours ago?

    It’s a technical issue that I know, but i’m unable to correct it from my end.



    Sorry Brian, to have put this out in the Blog comment area, this is in no way any reflection to this great program or you Brian, for what you have provided is a winner of a program for all online marketer’s to profit from, and I really do believe this a WINNER!

    Great job on that Brian !

  7. Hi, Ed.

    We don’t have any unanswered tickets in our support desk.

    Unfortunately “Ed” isn’t quite enough information for us to track down your account information. Email me directly at support(at)theonlineadnetwork.com and give me some details. We’ll get it worked out.

  8. I signed up for the free trial a few days ago, not getting many impressions though. Is that because I am not a paying member yet or is it just something I am doing wrong myself.

      • I did put up multiple ads mostly banners but most ads have a handful of impressions per day and some 0. I see alot of people having success so I guess I just need to create more ads and be patient. Also I was thinking about doing landing and autoresponder through Prosperity C but I am really gonna check out the service you have. I myself was really unfamiliar with it but sounds very good and effective. But in any case thanks alot.

        • You should also Split test your ads. the best ads are split tested over and over until every last detail has been tried against the base line ad until you hit the combination that pulls the most.

          Once you have a winning ad then do the same for the lander and offer. Like it or not success comes from testing everything over and over until it’s all dialed in. then you can start.

          All it takes is time and effort. Oh yeah, you better have something people want too!

  9. I had a signup. He must have come down with a case of (bunnyitice) or hopping from one program to another program. I had that awhile back myself. TOAN has cured me for the time being. I’ll stick with this program for at least a year and see.

    As for the one that got away. He probably wouldn’t have done anything anyway. I’ll get more. I’m sure there are some sane people left in the world.

    Oh! One more thing. It sure would be nice if we could delete some of our ads before they expire to keep down the clutter in or back office.

    Keeping it real,
    John Griffith

  10. I have only been a member for about a month and already have 5 people in my group. This is in addition to the exposure my traffic exchange and my safelist mailer are getting through the advertising network. It’s a win win win.

    Thanks Brian!

    — John

  11. I am absolutely loving the site and building a nice team. Thank you for your leadership and investing the time required to conduct these webinars


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