What Should I Advertise?

What should I advertise?A question I get a lot as I talk to folks wanting to build their network marketing business is, “What should I advertise?”. And it’s a good question. I see a lot of people getting this wrong as they start advertising.

The bad new is that these same people then start believing that advertising their network marketing business doesn’t work.

The good news is that it is very easy to fix and yes, advertising your network marketing business works when you do it right.

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make as they begin advertising is that they link their ad to a signup page. This means that when someone does click the ad, they are taken directly to a signup form. That’s like showing up at a dinner party, walking up to a total stranger, and asking them to marry you!

When someone clicks your ad, this is their way of saying, “I’m interested enough to want to learn more. Show me something.”. The URL you use should be to a capture page that offers a bit of information and entices them to request more information. They request that information by filling out your capture form.

You can send these visitors to your main web site. The web page you send them to should have a capture form on it.

Sending your visitors to a good capture page is basically like showing up at that same dinner party, mingling with a few folks, and striking up a conversation to see if they are interested in learning more about you. If they are, they can get your information, share their number with you, etc…

Advertising for lead generation works the same way. Set up your web site or capture page to give folks an idea of what you can help them with and offer to send them more information. When they fill out the form, they are saying, “Yes. I want to know more.” This is when your autoresponder kicks in, sending information, and following up.

When you ask, “What should I advertise?”, you are asking the right question. Make sure you use the right answer so your network marketing business can grow with solid advertising and lead generation strategies.

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4 thoughts on “What Should I Advertise?”

  1. I like how you used analogies to explain the right way to advertise. I agree with you 100%. With so many people trying to get your attention to their offers, it’s absolutely crucoal to have a capture page. Especially one that connects to a autoresponder. You need to follow up several times, or they may forget all about your opportunity.

  2. Love this post, so true, myself spent a lot of time doing the wrong thing, advertising a link to a signup page, of course, success was not a great thing, some sign ups but don’t even know who they were and where they are now, if only then I knew the power of building a list, I could keep in touch with them and send new offers now and then…

    • List building is such an incredible resource for us all. When we build that list, we can follow up, support, and train. When we just promote a signup page without building a list, it’s like throwing darts with a blindfold on.


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