Network Marketing Does Not Work

Network Marketing Does not Work.

network marketing does not workI’ve been doing this network marketing stuff for more than 20 years and it does NOT work! Truth is, it never has. I don’t care how many success stories you read about people making money, let me make this very clear: Network Marketing  Does Not Work!

I am going to just call it like I see it and I really don’t care who gets mad at me. Somebody needs to tell the truth about this network marketing stuff. We all know someone who has joined “one of those deals” and they never made a dime. In fact, they probably joined one of those deals, and then another one of those deals and they are still scraping by on some lousy job, right?

Here’s the thing. Even those Top Producers we hear about know the truth. And many of them will also tell you that Network Marketing Does Not Work! But how can they say that when they are pulling down all that money? I mean, let’s get real. There are a lot of broke folks out there that are still believing network marketing works and they can actually find financial freedom. They keep signing up for these network marketing deals and they’re still broke.

What is the difference between the broke folk and the top producers?

Both sides know that network marking doesn’t work. But the successful ones realize that WE do the work.

The successful network marketing professional knows that network marketing is like a set of tools. The tools don’t do the work. WE do the work.

Joining a network marketing company is like buying a set of tools, some plans, some instructional videos, some tips, and having access to seasoned builders that know how to use all that stuff you just bought. If you don’t watch those videos, get those tips, and put the techniques in to action, all you have is a shiny set of tools in your garage. They can be really nice tools, too! But if you aren’t going to actually SWING that hammer, you don’t get to claim “Construction is a scam”.

If you buy a great set of fishing gear and leave it in your truck, you don’t get to claim “Fishing is a scam.”.

If you buy a basketball and you never work on ball handling drills, learn how to shoot, improve your conditioning, and increase your basketball IQ, you aren’t going to make the team. And you don’t get to say, “Basketball is a scam”.

When I play music, some folks think I’m “ok”. Some folks think I’m pretty good at it. Some folks tell me that they used to play an instrument when they were younger but gave it up for one reason or another. None of those folks ever tell me, “Music lessons are a scam”. They say, “I just quit playing and never got back to it.”. Sometimes, they tell me, “I’m thinking about picking it back up” or “I wish I had continued.” But they never blame the instrument. They never blame music. They never blame their teacher. They know that if they had continued taking lessons and practicing, they would have been better at playing, today.

Network marketing is no different. Signing up just gives you access to the products or services offered by the company, the training and support offered by the company and your upline, and the OPPORTUNITY to CREATE the life you want to create.

But if YOU don’t do the work, you are not going to make any money. And if you do like so many others have done, you will blame the company, the system, your upline, your sponsor, the government, the economy, everything but yourself.

Network marketing isn’t a magic bullet. It’s a powerful system that allows you to leverage your time and your efforts to create the sort of life you truly desire. The time and the effort have to come from you. Work is required. And when you partner with a good company, strong leadership, and a proven system, you can expect that work to pay off for you over and over again.

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