How To Be Wildly Successful as a TOAN Affiliate

online mlm lead generationWant to be Wildly Successful as a TOAN Affiliate?

This article is specifically written for those who want to succeed with Affiliate Marketing our TOAN Advertising service.

This article is not written for those who are planning to “wait for spillover”. Does spillover happen? It happens every single day. And if your goal is to wait, that is certainly an option.

Wildly Successful Affiliates Don’t Wait. They Create!

So I am going to break this down to the simple steps that ANYONE can do to create a fantastic stream of residual income with us at The Online Ad Network (TOAN).

Your First Goal: Refer 3 advertisers.

This is done by personally contacting people you already know in the network marketing industry. They can be your upline or downline in your primary company. They can be people trying to recruit you in to other network marketing companies.

Let them know you have found a powerful advertising resource that can help them promote their business and get daily pay. Give them your Affiliate link.

Depending on your level of influence, you may get those 3 very quickly. Or it may take a little while. The key is to get 3.

Your first level is now full and you are earning enough in commissions to essentially make your advertising free.

Your Second Goal: Help your first 3 get their first 3.

Show them how to do the same thing: reach out to their contacts.

While you are doing this, you can be taking advantage of other advertising, traffic exchanges, etc… promoting your capture page to get leads in to your AutoResponder, etc….

Once your first 3 each have their 3, your second level is now filled.

Notice how we are working with 3 at a time. Any referrals you bring in through your other advertising or from folks that moved a little later, will spill over to be placed under your first 3. You just CREATED spill over for your team!

Your Third Goal:

Your first 2 levels are full.
You are now working with your team to help your second level referrals each get their 3.

Same process as before. Keep your advertising going and reach out to your contacts while showing your team how to do the same.

When each of your 2nd level referrals has their 3, your third level is now full! What does this mean for you?

You are building a strong team that is growing and duplicating.
You are receiving regular commissions that are growing.
Your team is experiencing success!
You are qualified for that First Cash Bonus of $100!

This is in addition to the more than $56 you are earning each month!
(Not bad for starters with a  little $19.95 per month advertising program!)

So, Now What Do We Do?

We move our attention to the next level. We are still working in groups of 3. Show each of them how to get 3. You and your existing referrals should still be recruiting, advertising, etc… and this can create more spillover for your team.

When your 4th level is filled, you are earning a little over $130 each month and you have qualified for the $200 Cash Bonus!

We are not dealing with home meetings, hotel rooms, samples, long sales pitches, etc.. You’re just inviting your associates to view the video on your Affiliate link. Your ads are running for your primary business AND for your TOAN Affiliate link.

In groups of 3, your business is growing and taking on a life of its own. Keep doing the same thing. This is how wealth is created!

When your 5th level is filled, you are earning about $380 per month AND you qualified for the Cash Bonus of $500!

This is where rookies start to slow down. They think the business is somehow going to keep going without them. But this is where the professionals really dig in. You are working with your new referrals and you are following up with those folks from when you first got started who said things like, “I’m not ready” or “I’ll see how you do” or “When you reach this level, get back to me.” or what ever excuse of the day they were giving you. Share your success with them and invite them to join your team before you fill up this next level.

When your 6th level is filled, you are earning around $1,100 per month and you qualified for the Cash Bonus of $1,000!

For many people, this is the sort of income that can make life and/or retirement much more comfortable!

Sure, you put in a bit of work, but look what is happening! You are helping people change their lives in a big way with a simple advertising system that is operating 100% online!

Want to keep going? You keep doing the same thing you’ve been doing and you are working with your  now rather large team to do the same.

When your 7th level is filled, you are earning over $3,000 per month and you have qualified for the Cash Bonus of $2,000!

All of this is done with you taking charge of your future, showing other network marketers the power of an online advertising system, and teaching your team to do the same!

There are more levels available, of course! Check out your Affiliate link to see what is available to you and make the decision to create financial freedom with your team and our powerful opportunity here at The Online Ad Network!

10 thoughts on “How To Be Wildly Successful as a TOAN Affiliate”

  1. Great Bog but I’m still waiting to get 3 members now almost 3 months i have 19 members in my TOAN Autoresponder list but so far no luck on anyone upgrading but i will keep on Promoting and hoping.

  2. Recruiting is certainly challenging. It’s hard just to get people’s attention. But I have found that consistently displaying stats such as the number of Clicks we get to our ads per month, and recent Alexa charts that Brian posts here on the blog every so often, help to trigger people to join. We’ve got a pretty awesome PRODUCT to show off: High volume of High Quality Traffic for a Low cost per click. Several direct signups have told me this motivated them to join or rejoin. Visit my site listed here to see examples. And good luck.

  3. That’s the key of building a great residual income; like Bryan says, forget spill over, make it happen. One big suggestion, send people to a squeeze page to capture their info and email and then send them your TOAN link if possible include a free ebook. See example below.


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