MLM Job Description

MLM Job Description: How We Actually Get Paid

Job descriptions.
Most of us have at least one. It may not be accurate or even updated but chances are that if you are working a regular job, you have some sort of job description. Shouldn’t we have an MLM Job Description?

mlm job descriptionA job description is good because it lets you know what you are supposed to be doing once you show up at work. It also lets your boss or supervisor know what it is they need you for.

The challenge that I see in network marketing today is that far too many of us have no idea what our actual job description is.

When I say “job description” in network marketing, what I really mean is:

What Do You Actually Get Paid To Do?

Before we get in to what your actual mlm job description is, we may need to take a look at what our job description is NOT.

  • Does your network marketing or mlm company offer any sort of “facebook bonus”?
  • Does your network marketing company offer a “friends bonus”?
  • Does your network marketing company offer a “presentation bonus”?
  • How about a “relationship bonus”?

The cold reality is that none of us gets paid to do any of those things but a lot of network marketers will tell you that this is what they are doing in hopes of somehow making money in their mlm business.

Nope. When it comes right down to it, your network marketing company pays you to do one thing (and ONLY one thing).

MLM Job Description:

Your mlm job description is:
To Get Prospects To Make a Decision About
Buying Your Products or Joining Your Opportunity.

That’s it. There is nothing more to it.

That doesn’t mean that you won’t or can’t make some great friends along the way. It doesn’t mean that you can’t use online systems or networks like facebook along the way.

I’ve used facebook and other social networking sites to get new prospects for years. But my goal and focus is always the same: Using the technology to get prospects to make a decision about buying my products and/or joining my opportunity.

Social networking sites can be great tools.
Technology like AutoResponders can be great tools.
Doing presentations can be a great way to build your business.

Just remember that when you are doing these activities, if you aren’t actually getting your prospects to make a decision about purchasing from you or joining your opportunity, you aren’t actually working on growing your business.

In an upcoming post, we’ll talk about how to streamline your actions to make sure you are always focused on what you actually DO as a network marketing professional to make some money!

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