MLM Leads Lists – 6 Ways To Get Them

MLM Leads Lists – Build Your Own

mlm leads listsNo matter what business you are in, getting a steady flow of good leads is essential to your success. This is especially true in network marketing (also known as MLM). Success in network marketing requires a high in-person involvement (as opposed to just letting a website make the sale). As a result, network marketers need to focus at least a portion of their resources (time and money) to build their mlm leads lists so they have enough people they can present their products or plan to.

The challenge comes when network marketers don’t build their business using the same concepts and tactics as any other “traditional” business.

A network marketing business is a business just like a blog, eBay or opening a franchise. Lead generation in network marketing can and should use many of the same lead generation and funnel systems used by other businesses that need leads to make sales. (Yes. That is pretty much EVERY business).

Most MLM companies recommend starting with writing a list of 100 people you know. This is called your warm market and it is not a bad place to start when looking for customers and business builders. The challenge is, many MLMers work this list incorrectly and end up annoying their friends and family. In my experience, you would be better off spending your time finding people who are interested in what you have to offer than trying to convince your commuting buddy to sign up when he doesn’t want to.

So how do get these mlm leads lists? The best leads will always be the leads you generate yourself. These people have seen your information and have said they WANT to learn more.

The good news is that you can easily build your own quality MLM leads lists. The Internet has made it easier than ever to find people who are looking for network marketing information, or to build a home based business. But wait. Before you start slamming your business in forums and social media, it makes sense to start by answering a few questions.

1. Who is the most likely buyer of your produce/service or business plan?

What do you sell and who needs it? Do you sell candles? Who buys candles? Do you sell wellness products? Who wants wellness products? All marketing for any business starts by identifying your target market

2. Where can your target market be found?

In the past, network marketers were told to talk to everyone who stood within 3-feet of you. While this isn’t bad, it is less effective than going to the source. The people standing near you at the store may not actually want or need what you’ve got. If you sell health and wellness products, talking to people in a gym or writing a guest post on a fitness blog are better options. If you sell jewelry, visiting office buildings the first weeks of February to help men by gifts for their Valentine’s sweetheart is another option.

3. How can you entice your market to want to know more?

An important thing to remember when talking to people is that it is really not about you or your product. It’s about them and how you or your product can help them get what they want. You can do this by learning about their feelings, goals and wants, and then providing a solution.

The truth is: Most people don’t care about your company, pay plan, etc.
They care about finding a solution to their problem.

Six Effective Ways to Generate MLM Leads Lists

Now that you know who, where, and how to find your market, here are some great ways to locate and entice these people to find you.

1. Build Your Own MLM Leads Lists With Your Own Website.

You’ll need to check your MLM company’s policies about websites. Many companies offer websites. Others allow you to make your own, but others don’t. If you can, make your own because you want to differentiate yourself from your competitors. If you’re not allowed to make a website directly about your business, make one covering a topic related to your business. For example, if you sell health and wellness products but can’t have a self-made business site, start a health and wellness blog.

Your website should include information about you and your company and the solution you provide to their problem.

2. Use An AutoResponder To Stay In Touch With Your Leads.

Your web site gives them a basic introduction and invites them to learn more. They are NOT ready to sign up or purchase yet. You need a way to follow up with them and send them more information. There is where an AutoResponder service comes in handy. Your AutoResponder can follow up, sending updates and important information, and reminding them that you have the solution they are seeking. Offer your web site visitors a free report. a free sample, or something to that effect in exchange for their name and email address. They visited your site but they may not be ready today. Be that person who stays in touch and when they are ready, you may be the person they decide to work with.

3. Advertise With Relevant Resources.

There are people actively searching for ways to make money from home. Your well designed ad on a site like this could very well attract your next team leader. The key is getting your ad in front of people who are likely to be looking for information like yours.

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4. Write articles to generate MLM leads.

Article writing is free and can be an effective way to get in front of your target market through other people’s websites. They key to a good article that another site will run is that it is informative, not just another advertorial. If you sell candles, write a Valentine’s day post on creating romance with candles or how candles can improve the mood. As a network marketer, you really have two types of articles and markets to focus on. The first is related to your product or service (example: candles) and the second is home business seekers. In the second option, you can write articles about MLM for career and business websites. Just know that most places won’t want you to promote your business within in the article. Instead, include a bio that mentions your freebie ( See #2 above) and a link to your website.

5. Use Social Media Effectively

While blindly tweeting, “Join my team,” won’t likely produce results, you can use social media to generate leads with just a little bit of forethought. For example, if you sell weight loss products, you can have before and after pictures on Pinterest and Instagram. If you sell make-up, you can have tutorials on YouTube. Share your success stories and the success stories of your customers and team members. Be sure to provide a link back to your web site so anyone who is interested can learn more.

6. Ask for referrals.

Referrals are free. Referrals are easier to convert to a sale. People who come to you through someone else are already open to learning more about you. Many people you talk to won’t be interested in buying, but they might know people who are looking for what you have. Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals. You might even offer them a discount if their referral buys from you. (This approach can open them up to doing more business with you.)

Building your mlm leads lists is a great way to build a strong business. As you become more and more proficient at driving target to your web site, creating ads that generate clicks, and following up with your prospects, you can reach a point where you are seeing a steady flow of prospects being added to your MLM Leads Lists and that is a beautiful thing!

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