How To Create Momentum In Your TOAN Business

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thumbs125x125Are You Serious About Creating Momentum In Your Business?

Do You Want To Create Your Own Success Story Instead of Just Reading About Someone Else’s Success?

Take just a few minutes to listen to this recorded call by founder, Brian Rooney. The faster you implement this information, the faster your business and income will grow as an Affiliate of!

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How To Create Momentum In Your TOAN Business.


Recording Transcript:

Welcome to the call! Whether you just got started with us here at TheOnlineAdNetwork or if you’ve been around for a little while, we’re thrilled to have you with us.This Call Is Presented As Training For Serious Business Builders.If you are not interested in creating a powerful 5 figure monthly income with us, you probably don’t need to be on this call. That’s ok. You can use this powerful advertising system to promote your primary business and you just might pick up some extra cash along the way. We’re happy to have you with us.

If you have ever asked, “Where is my spillover?”, you are not a Serious Business Builder.

That’s OK. You CAN change it and become a Serious Business Builder. But it starts with YOU.

Leaders never ask for or look for spillover. They are too busy CREATING spill over.

So if you want to be one of those leaders, create your success, get daily pay, and receive incredible Cash Bonuses, this call is for you!


We have a simple formula for success:

Simplicity + Duplication = Success

The simplicity of this system is based on a few factors:

* Every Network Marketer, Affiliate Marketer, Internet Marketer, Direct Seller NEEDS this service!

* Pretty Much ANYONE can make a $20 decision.
It’s not a budgetary decision.
Most of us have $20 in a dirty pair of jeans.
Most of us spend more than that on a bad lunch.

* Product Training takes all of 5 minutes and that’s if you repeat some stuff!

* You can have text ads and banner ads up within the first 5 minutes of joining!
Those ads start working for you right away and start exposing your offers 24/7.

That is pretty simple!
No “inventory” requirements
No complicated product training
No need to borrow money from a credit card or utility bill to get started.
Simple. Simple. Simple.

So let’s talk a little bit about Duplication.


It starts by BELIEVING You Can! No matter what I teach you in this session, if you don’t personally BELIEVE you can do this, it’s most likely not going to happen for you.

BELIEF is the most critical element to your success.

It’s time to forget about what may have happened with another company in your past. We’ve all had bad experiences with another company, system, or owner.

Here is what you need to understand:

This is NOT that company. We are delivering exactly as we promise and we are paying every single day!

We have had members tell us that they are already earning more money here with TheOnlineAdNetwork than they are earning in their primary company!

We have had members tell us that they started generating sales within the first few days of running their ads on our network.

This company is FOR REAL and we are here to help you create YOUR success story!

So let’s break down what you need to do to create freedom for yourself in the next 15 days. Whether you have been with us for a few months or if you just got started, I want you to take on the attitude that this is the very first day of your activity with us.

Maybe you’ve already received commissions.
Maybe your ads are already getting you great results.
Maybe your struggling a little bit.

Set all that aside. Today, no matter what you have experienced
before, make the decision to LAUNCH your business.

To Effectively LAUNCH Your Business, follow these steps:


1) CALL the people you know that are already involved in or interested in network marketing, affiliate marketing, internet marketing, etc…

2) Tell them:

“Hi, ________________. I’ve got just a few minutes and a bunch of calls to make so I have to make this quick. I have found a group of people using a $20 system to absolutely explode their business and income. I’ve partnered up with this team and they have given me a brief window of time to place my first 3 leaders. Are you able to make a $20 decision that can absolutely change your life and your business?”

You will get one of two answers:

1) No. AND THAT IS OK. If they tell you “no”, tell them:

“That’s ok. I thought of you first and wanted to give you this opportunity to be on my leadership team before this thing really takes off. I’ll check back with you later. Gotta run make these next calls before someone gets placed in those spots”. THEN HANG UP! (They will call you back.)

2) Yes. Tell them:

“Excellent. I knew I was making the right call with you.
I’m going to send you a link for you to get started. What is your best email
address for me to send this?” Send them your affiliate link.

3) What is it? I need to know more. etc… Tell them,

“I’ve only got 3 spots left on my leadership team and I wanted to give you a shot at one of those positions. I really don’t have time to go in to it. I need to get this leadership team filled out before my upline puts someone in there for me.

It’s a $20 decision and right now, I’m looking for people that can make a $20 decision to be a part of a global system that is going to be massive. If you’re not able to make that $20 decision right now, I can get back to you later once I’ve set up my leadership team.”


Understand that people ARE going to tell you “no”. That’s ok. The purpose of these calls is not to get people signed up but to find out who is ready to make a $20 decision to work with you. These will be your LEADERS!

The more calls you make, the more success you will have.

Can you bring in more than 3 with this script? Absolutely! Teach your 3 to do what you just did and let them know that you are continuing to build so they need to get to work fast just like you are doing!

Imagine the duplication that takes place when you and your team are each placing 3 people within the next 15 days!

Your business will absolutely EXPLODE with growth!


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16 thoughts on “How To Create Momentum In Your TOAN Business”

  1. Hey Brian, That’s a great post. This is just what some of our team mates were asking for. You spell it out very well. I’m sharing it with those who may have missed it. Thank you!

    • Glad you enjoyed it! Imagine how quickly we will be growing when we have people committed to consistently taking small steps like this to introduce other networkers to The Online Ad Network!

      Simplicity + Duplication = Success!

  2. Ciao Brian

    Come vedi sono ritornato
    sono uscito dalla porta,sono rientrato dalla finestra
    Come sai in Toan ci ho sempre creduto,mi sono messo a fare pubblicità,anche senza compenso,(perche ho intravisto la massima serietà in questa azienda è stato un colpo di fulmine)

    Il mio primo obbiettivo e quello di pagare il compenso a Toan


  3. I’ve been a member of TOAN for a week and already have more clicks in my advertising sites than anything else I’ve tried. This site will give you exposure to any website or business you need advertising too.Join non…!!!

  4. Thank you for the encouragement. If we would run our business as a business and not as a hobby and follow simple formula for success you provided every day “Simplicity + Duplication = Success” we would all succeed. It’s those no’s you get one after another and then you get a YES. It’s an amazing feeling when you get that YES and its a feeling that you want to get over and over again. But we give up because of all the no’s in between the yes’s. Stick with it, don’t give up and make it a daily habit to make those connections and the yes’s will come.


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