Downline Clubs – Do They Work?

downline clubsDownline Clubs, Team Builds, Groups … do they actually work? The reality is …. No … and Yes. Let’s break down any confusion so you can decide for yourself.

Think of any downline club or team build you are looking at as a sports team. Any team that has ever gone on to win a championship definitely has star players, leaders, captains, etc… that help set the pace. They lead by example. They encourage, support, and train other team members to participate at their highest level. But those same super stars will tell you that winning came down to a team effort and everybody on board doing their part to help the team win.

The idea of you building a successful business by doing nothing more than “joining the right downline club” is simply something that has never worked for anyone. It is easy and fun to get caught up in the idea of a “pre-launch” and a “massive team build” where you are told “Just grab a position. This thing is going to take off!”.

And there is nothing wrong with jumping in to a business early. We need early adaptors to help set new trends and make things happen. I have no problem when someone gets involved with one of the new mlm companies. Every company was 1 day old at the very beginning.

My issue is with people who promote or join any downline club with the idea that they won’t be personally responsible for their success.

Which of these two teams do you think is more likely to succeed:

  1. Team A has a dynamic leader who has great capture pages, a series of letters, and promotes like crazy. People join this leader because they know this leader is going to “blow it up”. Things are really going to “take off”.
  2. Team B has a dynamic leader who has great capture pages, a series of letters,  promotes like crazy, and teaches his team how to set up their capture pages, create their letters, and promote like crazy.

Team B has a much better shot at success. Their leader leads by example, shares their letters, encourages his team members to take action, and works with (not FOR) them to create success.

Downline clubs that look like they are “so easy all you have to do is get in” are pretty much destined to fail.

No top producer ever became a top producer by waiting for some downline club to do it for them. They worked and built their business. They found and trained others willing to do the same.

Are you looking at downline clubs? Find one that can  lead by example and show you how to do your work. Then … do your work!


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