Beverage Industry – Get Paid When They Drink

BrianRooneyDo you realize that every time you drink, whether it be coffee, water, tea, alcohol, juice, etc … somebody is getting paid? And let’s face it: Folks are going to keep drinking. They’re going to start their day with a cup of coffee, tea, or a glass of juice. They’re going to drink sodas, coffee, juices, and water throughout the day. They’ll close out their day with a beverage of some sort, whether alcoholic or otherwise. And every time they do … SOMEBODY got paid.

That makes the beverage industry a solid choice for business development. Network marketing, as a distribution model for beverages, works very well. With today’s technology in place, you are no longer encumbered by outrageous inventory requirements. You can simply direct customers to your web site where they order directly from the company. The company handles all of the shipping and customer service aspects and sends you a commission any time your customers purchase.

For me, one of the questions I like to ask when I’m looking at a potential business project is, “Is this something I would use or do even if there was not a business opportunity attached to it?”. In my case, when it came to coffee, I had already been drinking coffee since I was about 12 years old. I knew I would continue drinking  coffee so when someone showed me a product I genuinely enjoyed and explained that I could build an additional income stream by simply referring others, I had to get involved.

I was going to keep paying to get coffee, either way. Now, not only do I not actually have any out of pocket expense for my coffee habit, but I also receive regular commission checks and a monthly car bonus.

There are a number of beverage companies available that are looking for motivated self starters to help the increase their sales. If you think you have that these companies might be looking for, check out some of our ads in the Beverages category to see if you can find the right fit for you!

About The Author: Brian Rooney is a home based business coach. He has made his living online, working from home, since the year 2000. He can be found at