Create Your Sales Funnel In Reverse

BrianRooneyYou have joined an opportunity and you are very excited. You keep hearing about these amazing success stories about folks who have figured out how to make money online. You see their articles. You see the pictures. Maybe you even personally know someone who is making money online.

So you make the decision to get started. You pick a company with a product or service you can get excited about. The pay plan description is keeping you awake at night. You are going to make SO MUCH MONEY! From what you can see, it seems like folks are just popping up web sites all over the place and the money simply comes rolling in.

But the money didn’t just come rolling in. Your bank account is still hurting and you aren’t rich yet. Your web site looks just like those other web sites you see making money. Your product is just like the products begin promoted by the other top earners in the same company you’re with. But your results aren’t the same as theirs.

What Are You Missing?

Online Marketing is more than just throwing up a web site. “If you build it, they will come.” makes a great line in a movie but, as we have all experienced, it doesn’t seem to work that way in the business world.

This article is designed to help you understand the importance of understanding and creating a sales funnel. The key, for me, is to create the sales funnel in reverse. Your goal is to get sales. You want people using your products or services and you want to build a team of people that want to build the business with you.

Step 4: Get a Web Site.

This may be a simple replicated site that is put together by the company you are working with. For maximum impact, I highly recommend your own blog so that you can control your message, your branding, and build your own credibility. Another option is to create a simple capture page that is linked to an autoresponder campaign. This brings me to the next step:

Step 3: Get an AutoResponder.

Your AutoResponder is a powerful tool. With your AutoResponder, you can create sales letters that explain your offer, demonstrate the value you bring, help you build rapport, and establish credibility in your industry. I highly recommend you get connected to an AutoResponder service and create your sales letters.

Step 2: Get Subscribers.

You have a web site. You have sales letters. Now, the key is to get subscribers in to your AutoResponder campaign so that you have people to send your sales letters to. The key is to make it easy for people to join your list when they get to your blog, site, or capture page. Your AutoResponder service should make it very easy for you to get the code to add a subscription form to your blog or web site. You should also be able to quickly create a capture page you can begin promoting.

Step 1: Get People To Your Web Site

NOW we get to the part where you start driving traffic to your web site, blog, capture page, etc… How many ways are there to drive traffic to your web site?

The key is to understand the process and set up your sales funnel to make the most of  your advertising and promotional efforts.

We reviewed this process in reverse to help you see how you will set up your sales funnel.

Once the sales funnel is set up,  the real order will be:

  1. Advertising to get people to your web site, blog, or capture page.
  2. Your web site, blog, or capture page has the subscription forms so that people can request more information from you, joining your list.
  3. Your AutoResponder sends out your sales letters to follow up with your prospects, building your credibility, establishing rapport, and helping those prospects become comfortable with the idea of doing business with you.
  4. As your prospects become more comfortable with you, they begin to purchase your products, use your services, and/or join your team.

If all you are doing is advertising a sales page, you are basing your success on the idea that someone will hit your web site and make a purchasing decision in that first visit. This hardly EVER happens! Think about your own habits. How often do you make a decision to purchase something based on your very first visit to a web site? Your prospects won’t do it, either. So give them an opportunity to get to know you better by joining your list.

Is this a quick process? No! You will need to learn a few techniques and take the time to get your site set up, create your sales letters, add subscription forms, and begin your advertising campaigns. As you move forward, you will get better at it, become faster at it, and find yourself in the position of being able to generate leads online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

And THAT is when the process becomes a lot of fun!