Traffic Exchanges – What Are They Good For?

LouPaquetteAnd How To best utilize them …

If I asked you what the primary purpose of Traffic Exchanges, how would you reply? If you said; “to make sales” and/or to sign up people into your programs, you may not be utilizing Traffic Exchanges to their full potential.

Primary Purposes of Traffic Exchanges 

1. Branding YOU
2. List building
3. Selling and recruiting

These have been listed in this order deliberately.

You need to give people the opportunity to get to know what a great guy/gal you are, and why they should want to work with you before selling to them. You can begin to do that by advertising at Traffic Exchanges which are very “social” these days and give you exposure to large numbers of highly targeted prospects.

People join people who they know – not programs. People who they know, like and trust. Actually – they do join shiny objects (programs with slick lead capture pages) – but rarely with the conviction that comes with joining someone they know, like and trust. And for that reason these people who sign up with programs, often don’t upgrade like people from your “warm list” do. Proper use of TE’s can allow you to make initial contacts and start to build relationships that can build your warm list over time.

To make the most of Traffic Exchanges, focus on 1 & 2 above first and selling stuff after these are well in place.

But what are some of the specific actions you can take to expedite the process? Here’s ten ways to do that:

1. Get a good headshot and use your signature and headshot everywhere you can, starting with your Lead Capture pages. Add your headshot and links to all your social networks into your profile of any TEs you belong to as soon as you join and before you start advertising.

2. Create your own splash and lead capture pages as opposed to sending people to your referral link or even the program’s own splash pages.

The exception might be some programs which actually provide “personalized” splash and lead capture pages. These are okay to use. But sending people to a program’s referral link is a waste. You’re expending ad credits to build someone’s  brand as opposed to your own.

By creating your own pages you can include additional contact information – your social network links or banners to anything you wish. Not only will you be branding yourself, by default, your pages will be unique, making them stand out more when circulated at Traffic Exchanges, PTC sites, etc., with possibly higher conversion rates. There are plenty of splash and capture page creators out there. If you’re up to it you can also create your own with Word Press or any of the free web site editors out there.

Examples of places to make splash and lead capture page include;

  • Traffic-Wave – Within Brian’s Auto Responder program you can create lead capturing pages and email marketing systems ($17.95/month)
  • EasyHits4U – Easy to use page creator at the world’s largest TE by membership (3 Pages Free, 100 Pages for $7.45/month)
  • Create Splash Pages – User friendly page creator and hosting for them – 3 Pages Free, 100 Pages for $4/month Example
  • Blinkweb – Free editor Example

                       Use ATTRACTION MARKETING to get prospects to PURSUE YOU….

3. Join and contribute to the social networking sites of the Traffic Exchanges you belong to and be sociable; “like” and share other’s posts and make some comments and posts of your own. But at least initially – DON’T SELL STUFF ALL THE TIME (Spam) in these! Instead, contribute in a positive constructive way that others will find helpful! Use ATTRACTION MARKETING* to get prospect to PURSUE YOU for a change, instead of the other way around. Offer useful feedback and suggestions. And NEVER Ever be anything but respectful and positive and diplomatic when doing so.

4. Participate in Social Surfing found at most TE’s now – yet another opportunity to make new, highly targeted contacts. Offer some constructive comments about other member’s splash pages as you’re surfing. Join in, and initiate discussions.

5. Build your web “presence” by creating and displaying these at Traffic Exchanges;

  1. Your own Web Site or Blog
  2. Your own Facebook Page
  3. Your Skype discussion (including your picture and link to web site or primary program)
  4. Your Twitter page
  5. Create videos (not for everybody, but if you can do it, video marketing is powerful)

6. STOP SELLING all the time! That’s old school and people will begin avoiding you. Grow your warm list. Publish and share useful or even entertaining content along with opportunities interspersed among it. Determine what your audience wants and then try to fill that need.

7. Track results and Split test. Assign the same number of ad credits to ads with different Subject Titles, content and images and measure the different responses you get and then stick with what works best. TOAN’s advertising program allows you to track results.

8. Take MASSIVE Action and Upgrade. Join a number of TE’s and then upgrade at the ones you like best. To earn enough ad credits by surfing is going to consume too much time to build a decent business. I still surf a bit to socialize and to see what’s hot. But I get the majority of my ad credits by upgrading at a select number of TEs along with the unlimited Text and Banner ads that I get with TOAN.

9. Advertise what people are seeking, as opposed to getting them to buy something from you, at least initially. In fact rather than asking them for their money – give something away. Don’t have anything to give away? Now you do – with FREE TE Credits. It’s allows you to give away free TE Ad Credits and a bunch of TE’s, and at the same time works as a downline-builder specializing in Traffic Exchanges. Downline builders are excellent ways to grow your downlines in any market niche.

10. Build teams of referrals at each TE you belong to. After a certain number of them upgrade, your cost to be upgraded is covered. At some TE’s you can earn ad credits when downline surf as well. Start with your “warm list” then at other TE’s, with Safelists, at Paid To Click sites and The Online Ad Network.

Doing these things consistently over a period of time will raise your profile and eventually make it possible/easier to make sales and sign people into your programs.

Louis Paquette

Footnote: *If not already familiar with and practicing the concepts of Attraction Marketing and The Secret, you need to learn about these first. Sure, you want to do some old school prospecting. And Attraction Marketing takes more time. But it certainly is great to have people contacting YOU asking what programs they should join (as opposed to you constantly pursuing them). I would suggest that you, go to the University of YouTube, do a search for those items and learn about them before doing anything else. Otherwise, you may be going about this all wrong and spinning your wheels. The old practices of prospecting, force-feeding and “closing” are prehistoric practices which are becoming less effective over time.