Work From Home Jobs That Are Not Scams

thumbs125x125With the economy working the way it is, more and more people are looking for ways to work from home.

For some, that may  mean doing things like data entry, telecommuting for a traditional job, splitting time between the office and home, etc…

For others, it may  mean launching their own home based business.

The big thing a lot of people are concerned about is finding those work from home jobs that are not scams.

The ability to work from home can be a tremendous blessing whether you are interested in leveraging your time, leveraging your cash flow, or replacing your traditional job altogether. As you conduct your search for ways to work from home, be sure you are aware of the difference between a “work from home job” and a “work from home business”. They are not the same.

A job is where you agree to perform a particular service (or services) for a set amount of time in exchange for an agreed upon rate. That rate may be set on an hourly basis, a quarterly basis, or as an annual salary. With a job, your employer can fire you at a moment’s notice.

A business that you run from home means you are not getting a guaranteed income. Your income will be based on the sale of your products or service. This means that you could have a much larger potential income to earn. It also means that you will be responsible for covering your overhead such as initial startup costs, monthly bills, advertising, etc… A home based business also means you will be responsible for creating the results that get you paid. No results = no pay. For some people, this may be the reason they do not get involved with home based businesses. They would rather someone else take on that risk while they enjoy what they perceive to be “job security”.

A big advantage to having your own home based business is the access you get to a number of tax deductions that are not typically available to an employee. You will want to consult with your local tax professional on the details for your area but there could be thousands of dollars in tax deductions available to you as you start and build your home based business.

For many people, the tax breaks alone are a good reason to get involved with some sort of business they can run from home.

While you are here, take a look at some of the ad categories listed on this page to see if some of these business ideas appeal to you. Be sure to contact the advertiser to ask any questions you have before making any decisions. Starting a home based business is a big decision. Take the time to get the details so you can find the business that is the right fit for you and your goals.

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