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thumbs125x125There is no mystery to success in network marketing. The basic idea is that the one who shows the most people wins. Results will be influenced by how well you are able to present, of course. But even someone who is not as skilled as the next guy can win if they simply present to enough prospects. And that is where the big challenge comes in for a lot of people in the network marketing industry.

The biggest question I get from people, no matter what company they are in or what country they are from, is “how do I find people to talk to?”. There are so many systems in place for making presentations that we almost don’t need presentation skills. We simply need to get people in front of the information.

What we need is a good flow of network marketing leads. This means that we need people who are seeking or at least open to network marketing information.

Now if you are a naturally outgoing person, finding people to talk to is as simple as going to the mall, the coffee shop, the park, etc… You know there are people there and you enjoy striking up conversations with people. It’s a simple matter of getting folks talking so you can find out if they are open to learning more about your network marketing business.

Personally, I’m a fairly outgoing individual. I can start up conversations pretty much anywhere and I find it very easy to determine whether to not someone is open to learning more about what I do. But I also do some simple things that even the most introverted among us can do. I consistently use systems that help me generate network marketing prospects online.

The process of generating network marketing leads is really pretty straight forward. I advertise my capture pages online using sites such as this one you are on now. You may notice the banner ads and the text links for various network marketing categories. These ads are placed by people in the network marketing arena in the hopes that someone will click the ad to learn more about their particular offer.

Simply put, if someone is interested in learning more, they click the banner or the link to learn more. If they are not interested in learning more, they do not click the link.

In my own experience, when a network marketing lead sees my ad, requests my information, and then wants to talk with me, they have pretty well made up their mind to join my team before we ever talk. At that point, I am simply focused on getting to know them a bit more, find out what their goals are, and make a decision about whether or not I want to work with them.

There isn’t a lot of convincing involved. By the time we are talking, they have already seen the online videos, read the available information, and are typically just asking questions to find out if I’m real or not.

This is why I constantly advise anyone in the industry to set aside at least a portion of their advertising budget toward online network marketing lead generation. Once you have your ads and your autoresponder letters set up, it’s simply a matter of tweaking your ads, repeating your advertising, and talking with the prospects that have gone through the system and want to talk with you.

If you are looking for ways to generate your own network marketing leads, I highly recommend you take a look at our advertising system here and then review some of these other powerful mlm tools to help you build and manage your prospect lists.
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