Things I Learned While On a Cruise

I recently returned from a 5 day / 4 night cruise to Cozumel. The cruise was very enjoyable. The food ranged from “amazing” to “not bad”. The staff were incredibly friendly and accommodating. I got to play a lot of poker, lay out in the sun, enjoy some hilarious comedy shows, and really had a wonderful experience. I actually lost a few pounds and I’m already looking forward to my next travel opportunity.

Throughout the trip, I just kept thinking of how blessed I am to be able to work from home. My income is residual income which means that I continue to get paid for work I did long ago. While I was on the ship, money kept coming in from various businesses I have set up over the years. I’ve become so used to this way of living life that I find myself forgetting that a lot of folks are still stuck in that 9 to 5 job situation.

As we were pulling in to port and having breakfast, I kept hearing people talk about “getting back to reality” or “getting back to the grind” and it really hit me how many of us are living what I call “pre-programmed” lives without considering that we actually do have other options.

There were some folks I met on board who run their own businesses, seem to be enjoying life, and were excited to get back home and continue building. Most of the folks I talked to seemed to be stuck in the idea that this cruise was one of those “once in a lifetime” deals and they seemed to be resigned to the idea that they may never get to do it again. To me, that was just sad.

I asked a few folks if they had ever considered the possibility that life would be like this as much as they desired. Most of them just looked at me like I had offered them a deep fried snow cone. It just didn’t register with many of them that life can actually be something we enjoy instead of a constant grind sprinkled with rare moments of fun.

So … what did I learn while on this cruise?

Life can be what we decide to make it. We simply have to make the choices that lead to the lifestyle we desire.

We do not have to settle for the status quo of “get good grades so you can go to college so you can get a degree so you can get a good job”. So many people are finding out the hard way that this path isn’t any sort of guarantee. Then again, there are no guarantees in starting your own business, either. Life is a series of the risks we take and the things we learn along the way.

It is important to take the time to enjoy ourselves NOW. The idea of “work hard now so you can enjoy a good retirement” has a few flaws. First, we don’t actually have any guarantee that we will make it to that mystical “retirement age”. Second, if we do make it, far too many folks are having to take on jobs they would rather not have just to make ends meet in their “golden years”.

So for me, I found myself VERY grateful that I made a decision years ago to begin learning how to build a home based business. My wife of 27 years didn’t make it to retirement age. She passed in November of 2013. I am very happy we decided to make the years we had together our own “golden years”. We lived life together. We traveled. We created a beautiful family, a strong and deep legacy, and about a million amazing memories together. I would have loved have her with me today but that was never guaranteed. We lived “til death to us part”. I’m terribly sad that she is gone but overjoyed at the times we shared together.

Your life can be absolutely amazing. It starts with you making the decision to do the things that will CREATE that life for you.

Don’t look back and wish you did. Look back and be glad you took the journey.

Maybe a home based business is something for you to consider as a part-time or side venture. A lot of folks have very successful  home based businesses they run on the weekends. The income from such a business may help you reduce your debt, improve your lifestyle, enjoy a few more vacations, or just help you sleep better at night. Maybe you’ll become a full time home based business professional along the way. Maybe you love your job and will simply keep the home based business on the side. Either way, the point is that you have the option. Don’t let life happen to you. CREATE, LIVE, and LOVE the life you create with the people around you.

Yours In Success,

Brian Rooney