Select The Right Ad Category For Your Ads

thumbs125x125Make Sure You Select The Right Ad Category(ies)Why is this so important? In a word: ValueVisitors come to our site looking for information. If they select a particular ad category, they reasonably expect the ads they see to be related to that category. If visitors don’t find value in our web site, they quit coming. If they quit coming, there is nobody to show your ads to. Makes sense, right?How do you know what category to put your ads in? Ask yourself one question:

“What Do I Actually Sell?”

Every once in a while, someone will ask me “Where do I put my ad? I don’t see a business opportunity category.”

Our entire network is about business opportunities Every ad we have is a business opportunity. Every category we have is related to business opportunities. So the only real question is: What are you actually selling?

As an example, let’s look at Here, we sell Text Advertising and Banner Advertising.

That means that the two categories that your ads for TOAN should be in are:

Text Advertising and Banner Advertising. (Not “Beverages“)

The shortest way to decide what category your text ad should be in is to ask yourself this question: “When someone clicks my ad, can they actually buy this product or service? If they cannot, your text ad should NOT be listed in that category.

What About the Miscellaneous Category?

The Miscellaneous Category is for ads that DO NOT FIT ANYWHERE ELSE.

As an example, let’s look at ads for TOAN, again. Since ads for TOAN DO fit in to the Text Advertising and Banner Advertising categories, they should NOT be listed in the Miscellaneous category.

What If I Put My Ads In The Wrong Category?

If our tech team finds it, they will delete your Ad Control Panel.

What Happens If My Ad Control Panel Gets Deleted?

You will be able to recreate your Ad Control Panel by logging in to your back office and starting again with Step 1: Create Your Ad Control Panel.

What If I Currently Have Ads In The Wrong Category?

Log in and suspend those ads asap. If our tech team finds them first, the Ad Control Panel will be deleted.

Why Is This Such A Big Deal?

Again: VALUE

We want you, as the advertiser to know your ads are being seen by new and repeat visitors. We want those visitors to keep coming back so that you will always have someone to show your ads to. If the site becomes known as being confused, unfocused, etc… visitors will simply stop coming which will kill your advertising effectiveness.

Our goal is to make sure you always get the most bang for your buck. Quality is a big factor in that process.

Yours in Success,

Brian Rooney
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TheOnlineAdNetwork: Text Advertising
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Organo Gold Beverages
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EPXBody Beverages
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Team Builds, Groups, and Clubs Select the Categories that most closely match the ACTUAL PRODUCT or SERVICE being offered.
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Safelist / Mailers EMail Marketing
Paid To Click
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Paid Surveys
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Computer Hardware, Accessories Internet / Computer
Nutritional Supplements Health and Nutrition
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