Global Pyramid Scheme Dupes Millions!

The Ultimate Pyramid Scheme. How Do People Fall For This Stuff?!?

BrianRooneyWe all hear about these goofy schemes where people are being recruited to work hard so someone else can get rich. You would think that people would catch on after a while but they just keep falling for this stupid stuff.

The pyramid scheme I’m getting ready to describe for you isn’t even new! It’s been going on for a LONG time! I know a LOT of people that fell for this ripoff and I can find absolutely ZERO EVIDENCE that anybody  who fell for this scam EVER reaches financial independence. NOBODY! How in the world do they keep recruiting people for this scam?!?. I’m just shocked.

OK … here are the highlights:

  • You have to PAY just to get training before you even know WHAT the job is or IF there is even going to be a job when you get done. Training can last from 2 to 4+years!
    Can’t afford the training? They can arrange for loans. (sounds legit, right?)
  • The training you get may or may not be related to the job you will actually be doing! But you will get a nice piece of paper showing you completed the training.
  • Once training is completed, you will have to “apply” for this program. Acceptance is NOT guaranteed!
  • Regardless of whether or not you are accepted in to the program, you WILL have to pay that loan back … WITH INTEREST!
  • You will have NO control over who you work with, your schedule, your job description, or your working conditions!
  • IF someone decides to accept you in to this system, THEY will decide your pay level!
  • Your chance of earning more than they do is pretty much non-existent!
  • The very moment you stop doing the work, your income will stop.

So the only reason someone would put up with this nonsense is that there has to be a really big payoff at the end of the deal, right? I mean… why else would you put yourself through that madness? There MUST be some sort of long-term benefit or payoff on the back end, right?

This scam has been going on for a LONG time. Long enough that we actually have statistics to show how this deal ends up for people that participate.

Statistically speaking when people fall for this scam and STICK WITH IT until retirement …

  • 63% will have to rely on friends, family, or the government just to survive.
  • 29% will be dead before they even get that far.
  • 4% will have enough capital to just exist.
  • 1% will be considered “wealthy”

“What is the name of this pyramid scheme”, you ask? Clearly any sane person would want to avoid such a ripoff, right? I mean … nobody in their right mind would fall for this nonsense, right?

It’s called the college path to the traditional job.

Think about it:

You PAY to get a 2 to 4 year degree.

After you get the degree, you get to hit the streets hoping someone will “give” you one of these jobs.

If you’re “lucky” enough to get a job, it may or may not be in the field you actually studied in college.

Who ever hires you decides what your life looks like, when you get out of bed, when you get to eat lunch, how much time you can have with your family, how much money you make (which then determines what your vacations look like, the kind of car you drive, the neighborhood you live in, the clothes you wear) … it’s just INSANE! (Remember … you PAID to get involved in this scam!)

Which brings me to that loan you took out to get this “training”. That loan MUST be paid back, whether or not you are able to actually get one of these ripoff jobs.

This scam even holds recruitment meetings!

In high school, we called them “job fairs” or “career day”.

I have to admit. I fell for this scam years ago. Fortunately, I caught on and found a way out.

If you’ve fallen for this insidious life sucking scam, don’t worry. There is hope.

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