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MLM Lead Generation:

mlm lead generationFinding people that WANT to know more about your network marketing business is much simpler than people make it out to be. The days of hunting down, stalking, and tricking your friends and family are over. Some people still do it because they are taught that by their upline. I’ll pass on that approach, myself. I prefer online mlm lead generation. Here’s why:

I recently met a friend of mine over breakfast and he said, “I have been meaning to thank you. I know you are doing well in your network marketing business and you have never bugged me about it. Some people I know in that sort of business are just ruthless and I really don’t like being around them.” We are still friends. The day may come when he’s ready to learn more, but this is not that day. So I don’t bug him about it.

Now, let’s be clear. He knew I was involved in network marketing because we had definitely talked about it. But we talked about it like we talk about a lot of other things. It was part of a normal human conversation.

He’s a guitar player. I’m a bass player. We talk about that without me trying to convince him to become a bass player.

He does voice over work in spanish and I am involved with network marketing via my home based business. I don’t spend any time trying to “convince” him to join me. The day may come where  he would like to know more about how it might work for him. When that day comes, we’ll talk more. He knows that and he knows he can enjoy gigging with me, having a nice meal, and just talking as friends.

Now, here’s the fun part: While he and I were having breakfast, talking about music, talking about gigs and other bands, my mlm lead generation system was working. And, I couldn’t help myself. I got an email on my iPhone confirming that someone had requested my information and I showed it to him. I said, “This is why I don’t have to bother you about it. This person wants to know more and my system is sending information while we drink coffee.”. He said, “Ok… that looks like fun. Maybe we can talk about it in the future.“.

My response: “Whenever you are ready.”.

So how do I get people coming to me, asking for more information? I’m certainly not magic and I’m not doing anything particularly tricky.

I take advantage of online mlm advertising on sites just like this.

I use Facebook and Twitter to connect with people around the globe.

Along the way, some of them want to know more about how they can do what I do. And when they ask, I show them.

My ads are all pretty simple, really. Every ad I run is linked to a capture page or a web site with my capture form code on it. When people click my ads, they are taken to a site that offers them information. To get the information, they give me their name and email address. From there, my AutoResponder takes over, following up with prospects and helping to weed out the ones who aren’t ready while identifying those who are ready.

By the time I actually talk to them, they have seen my information, probably watched a video overview, and they are usually pretty well convinced that they would like to get started with me.

Look at the simplicity of it:

  1. You have a business opportunity, product, or service you want to talk to people about.
  2. This web site (and others like it) attract the sort of people that are interested in learning more about network marketing, home based business, etc… so it just makes sense to place ads on sites like this.
  3. Directing your ad responses to a capture page that is linked to your autoresponder lets you take advantage of a system that can help you qualify and disqualify prospects very simply.

If you are ready to beef up your online mlm lead generation game, request the report below that will show you how to get started advertising on this site so you can put your offer in front of our visitors:


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  1. Industry Leaders in Network Marketing Admit “Internet Marketing Works!”… ‘Internet marketing’ means using advertising, Facebook fan pages, blogging, email blasts, sales funnels, etc., to build.


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