Network Marketing Failure Stories

network marketing failureAre you a network marketing failure? Congratulations! You have actually moved one step closer to becoming a network marketing success story.

We all know someone, or may even be someone who “tried one of those deals” and things didn’t go real well. When we talk to our friends, someone always has a network marketing failure story that somehow proves network marketing doesn’t work.

I once met a man who used to work as an air conditioning technician during the day. After work, he would go clean up and go out to talk to people about his network marketing opportunity. He did this every day for years (Yes, I said “years”) and signed up exactly 0 people in to his business. When his friends made fun of him, he knew he was working something and that he just needed to keep working and keep learning. Today, he is a multi-millionaire in network marketing. His name is Jose Ardon.

I met another man who used to sleep on a mattress in his dad’s spare bedroom. He drove a busted old car and would go through some incredible processes to do presentations and try to build his business. Today, he drives a beautiful Bentley and is also a multi-millionaire. His name is David Imonitie.

What do these people have in common? They were willing to do the work, experience the failure, and go through being what some believed was a network marketing failure. You know people talked about them during those earlier years. They were “one of those guys that tried one of those things”. But they knew they were in the process of creating their own success stories.

They did the work. They read and worked on personal development. They worked while their buddies were partying, sleeping, whining, and complaining. They aligned themselves with a mentor. They continued doing the work. They became successful.

Are you currently looking like a network marketing failure? Keep doing the work on YOU. Keep learning from people who are doing what you want to learn. Keep yourself focused and keep doing the work. The results will follow.

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