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Looking for MLM Advertising Companies?

mlm advertising companiesWhile looking for MLM Advertising Companies, make sure you avoid some of these common mistakes to give yourself the best shot at network marketing success.

We all know that we need a good steady supply of fresh network marketing leads if we want our business to grow. We are constantly looking for ways to build our prospect lists and grow our business.

That’s great. But most people are going about it the wrong way which results in lost money, lost time, and lost opportunities. I have no problem with mlm advertising as long as it’s done right. I’m driving a car bonus and part of the way I qualified was through effective mlm advertising.

One of the biggest challenges I have with some of the mlm advertising companies I have found is that they try to give you the impression that simply running an ad is going to make you a network marketing heavy hitter over night. The reality is that you need to run the right ads, you need to track your results, you need to be patient, and you need to be consistent.

Your ad should:

  1. Solve a Problem. Nobody is reviewing ads thinking about how they can help you. They are looking at web sites, articles, posts, etc… trying to figure out how they can solve a problem. That problem might be income. It might be weight loss, or any other number of possibilities. Make sure your ad quickly shows them how you can help them solve a problem.
  2. Show Them How To Learn More. That visitor saw your ad and clicked it to learn more. If you greet them with a sales page or worse yet … an enrollment form … you just wasted your advertising budget and that click. Take any clicks to a capture page that offers them free information, a guide, a sample, etc… something that they are willing to give you their name and email address for. Once they are subscribed to your list, you now have the opportunity to follow up, educate, build rapport, and ultimately close the deal by adding a new customer or new distributor to your team.

We know advertising works. Chances are, you found this page as the result of an ad you saw online. The key is to give your ads a shot at success by showing visitors how you can help them solve a problem.

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