Inconvenient MLM Truths

network marketingI’ve made my full-time living in the network marketing world since 2000. Before that time, I spent a few years on a part-time basis learning the skills needed to be able to transition to full-time. I absolutely love this industry. Money is, of course, a factor. The big factor has always been freedom.

As my kids were growing up, I was able to be with them as a father. I didn’t have to miss special events or those beautiful day to day moments that make life so wonderful. Family vacations were never a matter of asking for time off, hoping I could leave early, or worrying about getting back on time.

Success in the world of MLM translates to much more than just money. It helps us achieve the freedom to spend our days as we choose, doing what we enjoy, with the people who are important to us.

There are also some realities involved with network marketing that a lot of folks find out the hard way and I am going to share those with you, now.

The key is to recognize that these things are true across the board and they happen to all of us, from the brand new beginner to the #1 income earner in all of network marketing. I can tell you this because I have been an absolute beginner and I have sat across the coffee table from the #1 income earner in the entire network marketing industry.

Are you ready to learn these inconvenient mlm truths? Let’s get started.

  1. People are going to tell you “no”. When you saw the product or service and the opportunity that went with it, you thought to yourself, “Well, that just makes sense! Everybody should do this!”. And, I agree. Everybody SHOULD. But, you may also remember a time when you saw an opportunity and said “no”. Maybe the timing wasn’t right for you. Maybe you weren’t quite hungry enough or really “ready”.Today, a friend of mine who I have known for years told me, “no”. His exact words were, “Thx but not for us”. This was AFTER he and I had talked about how the money we make as musicians is not enough and he would love to learn more about how to make some extra money.Guess what. We’re still friends. I still think he should do this with me. Maybe he will in the future. But, for whatever reason, he is telling me “no” at this time. I’ll stay in touch, let him know of my progress, and remind him that he can get in with me when he’s ready.

    Leaders know: “No” is just one of the steps on the way to the next “Yes” so they keep on building.

  2. People are going to lie to you. Whether it’s about coming to a presentation, watching a video, getting started, or building a massive business, folks would rather lie to you than just tell you “no”. It’s just what some people do. People lie to me every day. Don’t take it personally. They aren’t bad people and they don’t hate you. They just don’t know how to give you a direct answer. And that’s ok. Think of this as a longer way for them to tell you “no” and don’t take it personally. They will be watching. As your business grows, you will have another opportunity to talk with them.When someone tells you, “Yes, I will ______________” let them know you are excited for them and you look forward to helping, presenting, supporting, etc… but don’t be surprised when they do not follow through. Humans are just funny that way.

    Leaders know: People are going to lie. They just do. So, we just keep looking for the next person who is ready.

  3. People are going to quit. Not everybody who joins you is ready to do the work. Sometimes, people say “yes” because they just don’t know how to say “no”. They usually go back and ask for a refund. Or they just quietly quit and start hiding. Sometimes, people say “yes” because they WANT it to be true and they HOPE it will work. Sometimes, they say “yes” because they are hoping that you will have some sort of magic wand that will make them successful. When you don’t do it for them, they quit. It just happens. Don’t spend much time trying to figure out why or how to stop it from happening.

    Leaders know life moves in cycles and some folks are just not ready to build. So they keep looking for those ready to run with them.

  4. You Can Still Succeed! Even when people tell you “no”, lie to you, and quit, you can still build a thriving network marketing business. The key is to recognize that this is all part of the sorting process.When someone tells you “no”, it’s really not an absolute “forever”. Their situation may change in the future. They may lose their job. They may learn more. They may see your success and decide they want to work with you. Be patient. Stay in touch. Keep building. Lead by example.When someone lies to you, don’t take it personally. Maybe they have have had bad experience. Maybe they just got distracted by life. Maybe they are just scared. Be patient. Stay in touch. Keep building. Lead by example.When they quit, they are just not ready to move forward. Maybe they didn’t have the courage to tell you  “no”. Maybe they didn’t get the training and support they needed to move forward, either due to their their own inaction or other events. Be patient. Stay in touch. Keep building. Lead by example.

    Leaders know: All of this IS going to happen so just get past it, keep building, and focus on where your success can be found: With those ready to RUN with you and DO the work! Don’t waste time thinking about or worrying about the other stuff. There is no pay plan or bonus attached to worrying or complaining.

While you are talking to new potential business partners, you are really just sorting to find the ones who are ready to get started.

Once you get someone registered, you are still sorting. Now you are sorting to find those ready to take their lives to the next level. This will NOT be everybody you sign up. Some of those will lie, quit, and tell you “no” when it comes to training and actually doing the work involved. So how do you find real business partners?

You will identify real business partners by the actions they take. If they take advantage of the training… if they DO the things you and the company are teaching them to do … if they follow through … then you may have your next big producer.

The key for you is always: Be patient. Stay in touch. Keep building. Lead by example.

NEVER say to yourself or to anyone, “If I could just get that person in my business, they would blow it up!” Your should ALWAYS focus on “I am going to build MY business strong!”. And then you go out and look for those who think this same way or can be TAUGHT to think this way and are ready to RUN with you. Along the way, you will identify and train those leaders who will run with you. Hint: That number will be far lower than the number of folks who lie, quit, and don’t follow through. Just get used to it.

When you see someone like me, don’t forget that there was a day when I was brand new, had no clue, and made a lot of mistakes. I quit. I failed to follow through. I told people “no”. Through all of that, some very patient mentors and trainers were able to be patient, stay focused, and continued showing me the way by example.

I still have more to learn. I still have larger goals. I am still building. People are still telling me “no”.  Prospects still lie to me. People still join and then quit. I just keep building. Along the way, I’ve identified and helped train some powerful leaders. We are winning together!

Network marketing is a fantastic industry. The rewards are well worth the price paid. The key is to pay the price as quickly as possible so the rewards come fast enough to excite you and those you are talking to.

Yours In Success,

Brian Rooney

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