How To Generate Online MLM Leads

Generate Online MLM LeadsWondering how to generate online mlm leads? This may be the most common question asked by network marketing distributors: “How do I find prospects to talk to about my mlm business?”

The answer (the real honest answer) usually upsets people. Too many people are looking for the “quick-fix” or the “magic button” method. They are still out there looking for some “system” that won’t require them to spend any time, money, or both but still allow them to achieve financial freedom.

Here’s a clue: STOP IT! If you want real success in the network marketing industry, be prepared to make some investments in yourself. These investments will come in the form of both time and money.

Without a doubt, the fastest way to grow a solid network marketing business is warm market prospecting where you talk to the people you know.

Some people simply won’t do this.

Others have gone through their warm market lists and are now looking for people outside that warm market. This is where online mlm lead generation can come in handy.

You can generate online mlm leads in a number of ways but the simplest and most reliable method is to simply advertise your offer where people are looking for information related to the industry of network marketing. Logically, if you wanted to sell fishing equipment, you would run advertising in a fishing magazine, on a fishing web site, in outdoor magazines or web sites, etc… right?

The same logic applies. Put your offer where your targeted prospects can see it. Sites like make it very simple. Every day, we receive thousands of visitors from around the world. These are people that are looking for information about getting in to the industry of network marketing or people who are looking for information on how to succeed in the industry of network marketing.

So if you have a network marketing offer or a service that can by used by network marketers, doesn’t it just make sense to put your offer on a site that caters specifically to that group of people?

The key is to remember that “internet marketing” does not mean “instead of marketing”. Once someone has expressed an interest in your offer, you should still plan on making contact, following up, answering questions, etc… the lead generation is just the first step. It just helps you find people that are interested in learning more.

The more professional you are in your followup and communication, the higher your chances are of solid long-term success in network marketing.

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  1. Generating quality leads is easy if you establish yourself as worthy of trust. Avoid making your ads look like the next big hype or too hyped up. Make sure you sort out opt-out and privacy concerns. Make certain you are aware of the leads that have opted to not receive offers or incentives.


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