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network marketingAt, not only can you get a great deal on powerful text and banner advertising, you can also earn regular daily commissions and Cash Bonuses when you build like a leader! Leaders like the ones you see here have qualified for our One-Time Cash Bonuses! These Cash Bonuses are paid IN ADDITION to the regular commissions you earn as an Affiliate of!

Below, you will find a list of our amazing leaders who have not only played a vital role in helping us grow but have also qualified for at least one of our Cash Bonuses! To see how YOU can qualify for Cash Bonuses, be sure to log in to your back office and click “How You Earn With TOAN”.

Name Cash Bonus
1K TeamBen Olszewski $100.00
Aksel Kloster $100.00
michalgachSonia Gach $100.00
michael_bentiMichael Benti $100.00
didi_wargoDidi Wargo $100.00
michalgachMichal Gach $100.00
FranciscoFrancisco Perez $100.00
Harvey Vickery  $100.00
Denise Hayes Denise Hayes $100.00
Jean Francois MinoeJean Francois Mineo  $100.00
ThomasHaley Thomas Haley  $100.00
Louis Paquette (5820) $100.00
ClintClark Clint Clark  (6497) $100.00
 Carlos Cruz (5828)  $100.00
 The4MinuteMillionaireTeam (5967) $100.00
 Dr Bryan Stoker  (5946) $100.00

Will YOU be our next Cash Bonus recipient?

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  1. Louis,
    Congratulations! Thought TOAN may not take off at first. Of course, I have had that same thought in a 747 on the runway. Thanks for being my pilot…

  2. Wow – thanks so much everyone! I am blessed to have the right people and program at the right time. I have never felt so confident moving forward with something as now. Let’s keep the momentum going folks.

  3. June P above, if you are within our down line – try to get to our Skype group if you are not already – current knowledge level doesn’t matter if you are willing to learn. There are no silly questions.

  4. Mr.Louis
    I say no surprise as Louis is a leader & a fine gentleman, I say this from first meeting Louis online quite a while ago! He’s there to help & give of his time, to help in any way he can! I know this is long, but I could write a book about this man! We are in the Team Toan a powerful program & I want to thank Brian Rooney for The online Ad. Network & the whole team of Toan! We’re on are way to the top!

    Thanks to all the fine hard working people as well!

  5. Congrats Louis,

    I’ll be joining you soon!
    Keep up the good work and for everyone in TOAN…just find a couple people and you’ll be surprised what good will happen! But don’t stop at a couple, next go and find a couple more 🙂

    All the best,

    Joel Broughton

  6. Hey Bryan and Louis,

    Congrats to BOTH of you! How AWESOME! Glad to know that people are making the goal and also getting quality advertising to boot! Keep up the GREAT work and I’ll be joining you soon! 🙂

  7. Congrats Dr Bryan~ The Online Ad Network is an AWSOME Program and the cheapest way for anyone to create serous TRAFFIC to their Website~ And I can tell you after being in Home Biz for over 25 years it is ALL about TRAFFIC… Visit my site~ KC

  8. Way to go, Bryan!

    Joined you knowing how much you love to help people.

    I can see now that the fruits of you labour are paying off.

    With a little effort….we shall all enjoy the same results.

    Paul Rose

  9. Sooooo proud that the first two bonus earners are on my team! GIDDY UP! TOAN is definitely making the difference and will continue to do so. I just love the “Set and Forget” function. Never has advertising been so easy to do! 🙂

  10. Congratulations Mr. Louis and Mr. Bryan!!!

    Good work! Keep doing it well! I’m glad to be in your downline!

    Best wishes to both!!

    Thanks Brian Rooney for your great idea, TOAN is a great program!

    Hey guys, please don’t hope for spillover, helping to promote and build our TOAN downline, we can build faster. Our efforts will be rewarded even more very soon!

  11. Congratulations to Dr. Bryan Stoker and Louis Paquette, and i also wish you all team member good luck, i am proud to be in your team so good luck to you all.

    Thanks to Brian Rooney, how give us a great site to success with.


  12. Congratulations Louis, keep going.

    I’m glad to be part of TeamTOAN and enjoy hanging out in our Skype room to exchange ideas to boost our results. Good to see that our team is one fire and growing every single day.

  13. Hi,

    My deep CONGRATULATIONS to the winners. I am looking forward to be the next bonus winner. Well Done.


    God Bless
    Krishna Narasimhan

  14. Congrats to Michael and Carlos! WHOOO HOOO! Things are really moving now! How awesome that with a little bit of effort on your part, you are able to achieve this goal! 🙂

  15. Congratulations to both. You deserve to succeed, you are a model of inspiration because you have taken control of your TOAN business and taught us how to achieve a goal. I hope to catch up soon.

  16. For those of you who are thinking about quitting TAON should stay a bit longer. Let me share this quote to help inspire you.

    “Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.”

    — John Quincy Adams

  17. Thanks to all who posted their congratulations!

    I’m excited, too, and pushing hard to beat Louis to the first $200 Bonus. He’s got a head start but I’m coming up fast on the inside rail! LOL

    Here’s to a Rocking 2013 for the entire TOAN Community.

    Make Money by Making Friends.


  18. I will get a bonus this time around and not just one! I have been apart of toan many times before over the years and quit. I have learned that any matrix is up to you . Don’t look up and count on them to help you build your dream. Don’t look down and get sad there is nobody under you. Look at yourself and see if you see the power of one. You!

    What have you done to build your downline today?

  19. Hello that Ms Tuttle….
    Congratulations! for sure….now that you’ve reached the $100 bonus that means you have the following:
    1) your $100.oo Cash
    2)over $56.00 coming in every month
    3) an unlimited ‘all you can eat’ advertise buffet to promote anything & everything you’re marketing to an audience of people who are;
    *Highly motivated
    *Open minded
    *Producers & Consumers
    4) and the TOAN Support system…
    Congratulations…, it gets interesting…Bravo to you.
    AND AND AND…your well on your way to the $80,000.00 per month residual…just for showing others a proven, useful & profitable tool……
    I’ve generated over $8,000.00 in commissions from the products that I’ve marketed at TOAN….
    Lars Leonard
    skype: addredhead

  20. Congratulations to all of the Winners! That is really awesome and I am so happy for each of you that have won so far. Job well done Gang! I look forward to joining the list of winners!


  21. TOAN has worked very well as a compliment to my daily activity in the ‘business’ of my networking program….I’ve made the placing of a TOAN ad one of the vital steps! As an advertising program , TOAN has paid off in spades…..with the monthly checks from TOAN and the potential to realize the one-time additional cash bonuses for reaching certain milestones within the TOAN 3×10 matrix, it’s easier to get my
    New recruits motivated to take daily action….and they see the work of working the plan as really….more of a game….with a few sweeteners added…Congratulations to all those who’ve I successfully infilled your various spots….and reached those bonus kicker one time additional fees….Bravo,

  22. GIDDY UP! SOOOOO Awesome to see more and more people earning the cash bonus! Just goes to show you that when you have a product that WORKS, and produces results, people with join and people will promote. Looking forward to joining all the INCREDIBLE Leaders here with my Cash Bonus (s)! 🙂

  23. Congratulations to all of the bonus earners. It is my goal as well.

    Love the program and the potential.

    Terrence Plank
    Boulder Creek, CA

  24. Hi Proud Team members of Toan. It gives me great joy to see so many dedicated and successful People. I hope you are enjoying your fame and moving up to the next step.
    Yes I will be right behind you. I am following in your footsteps. Up – – – Up – – – and Away.

  25. A big shout out to our 7KTeamSystem Leader – Tom Haley! As Tom says “Success is merely a lot of little things done right” and his first bonus shows that he is truly doing things right. Thanks for all your contributions to our team, Tom!

  26. Congrats to all! Special Recognition to Clint Clark and Tom Haley! Way to go team! Hope to be there with you all soon! Cheers…

  27. Congratulations to all cash bonuses ‘earners’ who have certainly been delivering the TOAN message and establishing themselves as leaders within our organisation. I aspire to reach those ranks have a daily schedule of building connections and promoting our team to achieve my goal.

    Well done Team.

  28. Hello,

    That is awesome so many are doing well. Then I need to get some help because I am not doing that well. I have had a ton of impressions and almost 200 clicks but nothing has converted to a sale. And I have had over 230 clicks on my affiliate link to TOAN can someone give me a hand on this? Do I just need more traffic to here or what? I am completely lost. Oh and this has happened in about 40 days the above traffic information. I look forward to someone if not every one to help out on this one.
    Thanks in advance for your help.


  29. Hi JF !
    Great for you to receive the $100 Bonus !… Cela concrétise tous tes efforts pour faire avancer GDI – TRWV – TOAN – et bien sur DTWS !
    Encore FELICITATIONS et , comme ils disent :
    ” Keep up the Great Job ! ”

    rodelor à DTWS

  30. Good Job Denise! Thanks for all your contributions to our team!

    Next stop…. $200 cash bonus. I’d better hurry otherwise you’ll beat me there! 🙂


    • Clint,

      Thanks for all you do! Your hard work and tendencies to think “outside the box” have helped more people than you know!

      I am glad we have become friends, and look forward to both of us getting that next Cash Bonus!

      Onward and upward!


    • Hi Paul,

      I am glad to have you with me too! You have been one of my most dedicated team members throughout the last couple of years.

      Hoping to see your name posted here soon!


  31. Well done everyone on here, especially my sponsor and mentor Denise Hayes.
    Congratulations and good luck reaching the next goal.
    Hope to join you all here on the Wall of Fame soon.

    • Hi Kymm!

      I am sure you will be in line very soon for a Cash Bonus with your amazing dedication!


  32. Every Friday evening after I return home from my J.O.B. (just over broke) I like to pour myself a Scotch and watch the sun go down while I ponder what it would be like to be earning enough online so that I don’t have to sit in my hot car during my 2 hour commute. Tonight I read what Brian said about acknowledging the success of others and I was inspired and I reminded of what someone I admire once said…

    “Almost daily we witness jobs that are held, but hated, marriages that are tolerated but unhappy, all because people are waiting for others, or the world to change, instead of realising that they are responsible for their behaviour.” – John Maxwell

    So here’s a toast to all you successful folks listed above. I will get there too.

    Congratulations all,
    Ken Hatton

  33. Congratulations to all above
    Total Page Views From my Affiliate Links so far is
    still trying time will tell.

  34. I am really glad for this business. It is indeed simple; I am looking forward to my first cash bonus and many more after that.Congratulations to all those who have received a bonus so far.

  35. Congratulations to all of you, and as it said in the email I got about this blog, I am to tell you I hope to join yall one day soon…I have been promoting the hell outta the online ad network and I plan on getting plenty of referrals, I want the BIG residual money and I’m going to get it one day…and join all yall on this board..keep up the good work and CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN!!!

    Charles Sanford
    the online ad network affiliate


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