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home based business leadsHome based business leads are the life blood to any home based business. But when it comes down to it, most network marketers aren’t generating the kind of leads they really need.

If you have ever purchased one of those home based business leads offers, you know what a waste of time and money that can be. You would probably do just as well to tear a page out of the phone book and start dialing for dollars. The good news is that there is a way for you to effectively generate real home based business leads. When it comes to advertising, the way you set up your ad makes a HUGE difference.

What you want to do is develop a two step process with your advertising:

Step 1: Generate a Lead
Step 2: Present your product, service, or opportunity AFTER you get the lead.

How do you generate solid home based business leads? The most common (and productive) way is to offer something for free. Maybe you can offer a free sample, download, audio file, video, free report, free trial. Whatever you are offering can be emailed after they give you their information. This is a great way to use autoresponders in your business.

Tip: Whatever you are giving away as your free offer should really be designed to pre-sell whatever you are offering. When I was building my coffee business, for example, I offered free coffee samples. When I am presenting my autoresponder service, I offer a free 30 day trial, a free report that shows them how to build their list, etc… These give-aways are designed to pre-sell what I am offering. Only coffee drinkers wanted a free sample of coffee. Only internet marketers and business people want a free report that shows them how to build lists and make more sales.

When they used my product or my service, they were MUCH more open to learning about the business opportunity side of things. If not, at least I had a new customer.

If you are directing your ad clicks to a sales page, you are really missing the boat. You get one shot at closing the sale when you do it like that. But if you are directing them to an offer for a free sample, free trial, free report, etc… you are increasing your odds of success by generating interested leads and being able to follow up with them time and time again, building rapport, and closing more sales.

So when you find yourself looking for ways to generate solid home based business leads, be sure to focus your ad on generating a good lead with a solid enticing offer.

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