Advertising MLM – It Builds Business

advertising mlmAdvertising MLM – Whether you are just getting started or have been at it for a while, you want your MLM business to be successful. The MLM business is a people based business. Your job description in your network marketing business is To Get Prospects To Make a Decision About Buying Your Products or Joining Your Opportunity. To do this, you want to tell as many other people about the products and the great opportunity as you can and create a down-line to replicate your success. Advertising is THEY effective way to get your message across and let everyone know that you have found this great product, service, or business opportunity.

There are many options available for advertising mlm businesses. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways you can get your message across and attract those all-important leads to make your business grow.

Word Of Mouth

Word of mouth advertising is one of the oldest ways of advertising mlm businesses. It is still around because it works. To use this type of advertising, you will need to be fairly outgoing and speak to as many people face to face, as you can. This includes strangers in the street or people that you may meet at gatherings, etc. Often, if you speak to people and find they are not interested in your MLM opportunity, they may know someone else who is.

Classified Ads

Classified ads are a great method for advertising mlm businesses. When you run classified ads, the only person who responds is someone who is at least open to learning more. Classified ads can be run in newspapers, magazines, and online. They can be text ads, or display/banner ads.

Your goal with classified advertising is to generate interest. Keep it short and make it easy for people to respond by clicking, calling, etc…

Buying Leads

There is much debate about the effectiveness of buying leads from lead generation companies. If you do choose this method for advertising MLM, let me just say, “Buyer Beware”. Make sure you know where these leads came from, how they were generated, etc…

Trade Shows

Trade shows can be another great way to get interested MLM leads. Many people who attend trade shows are looking for information and will approach an MLM representative’s booth to request information.

Make sure that you have plenty of fliers, brochures, sample, and other information about the products that your company has to offer, as well as the business opportunity. You will need an eye-catching display, possibly with all or some of the most popular products that are available through your business. If you are able, offer a drawing. Those who place their name and telephone number in a box and request you contact them for further information about the opportunity are entered into the drawing to receive a prize pack of the products your MLM business offers.

Brochures And Fliers

Brochures and fliers can be very useful. Perhaps you had just a quick minute to go over some highlights and your prospect wants to talk with you later. A brochure or flier is a bit of promotional information that can be taken by the prospect and reflected on when the person is more relaxed and open to ideas. Be sure to include your name, web site, and telephone number on the brochure or flier so prospects that are interested can easily contact you for further information.

Road Signs

You may have seen those signs along the road at busy intersections offering information about money making opportunities. They can be effective. Keep the message short and enticing. Include a phone number with a pre-recorded message to help you sort through the callers.

Which Method Is Best For Advertising MLM Businesses?

Frankly, they all have their pros and cons. The key is to pick and then consistently DO the methods that work best for you. Be consistent and be patient. If you are brand new to MLM, you are starting at zero and will need to work the numbers, build credibility, and stick with it for a while to get results.

We highly recommend using an autoresponder email marketing service to process and follow up with leads.

We all love to hear those “overnight success stories” but remember: Every one starts at the beginning.

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