MLM Advertising Ideas That Work

Looking For MLM Advertising Ideas That Work?

MLM Advertising Ideas That WorkYou, like many network marketers are looking for mlm advertising ideas that work. And most of us are doing it wrong. Before we get started, let me be clear: Running MLM classified ads is a great way to build your business, IF you do it right. Sadly, most of use are doing it wrong.

Whether you are advertising online or offline, the way you set up your ad makes a HUGE difference. There really is a right way and a wrong way to build your business with classified advertising.  Let’s take a look at some of the biggest mistakes I see being made:

Running An Ad With The Company Name. I see this a lot and it really is a big mistake. Why? Most people who are finding your ads probably have no idea who the company is or what it does. Even more important: The company you are with may actually prohibit you using the company name in advertising.

Promoting a “Business Opportunity”. If your ad focuses on “opportunity”, you probably already know this approach isn’t very effective. You wouldn’t walk up to a friend and say,  “Hey …. take a look at my business opportunity.”, right? Why would you run an ad that does the same thing?

Linking Your Ad To Your  Sign-up or Registration Page. I have never seen this approach work but I continually see ads that are set up like this. If the ad itself gets the click, directing the visitor to a sign up page is going to run them off.

So, let’s talk about some mlm advertising ideas that work.

What you want to do is develop a two step process with your advertising:

Step 1: Generate a Lead
Step 2: Present your product, service, or opportunity AFTER you get the lead.

How do you generate a lead? The most common way is to offer something for free. Maybe you can offer a free sample, download, audio file, video, free report, free trial. Whatever you are offering can be emailed after they give you their information. This is a great way to use autoresponders in your business.

Tip: Whatever you are giving away should really be designed to pre-sell whatever you are offering. When I was building my coffee business, for example, I offered free samples. When I am presenting my autoresponder service, I offer a free 30 day trial, a free report that shows them how to build their list, etc… These give-aways are designed to pre-sell what I am offering. Only coffee drinkers wanted a free sample of coffee. Only internet marketers and business people want a free report that shows them how to build lists and make more sales.

When they used my product or my service, they were MUCH more open to learning about the business opportunity side of things. If not, at least I had a new customer.

If you are directing your ad clicks to a sales page, you are really missing the boat. You get one shot at closing the sale when you do it like that. But if you are directing them to an offer for a free sample, free trial, free report, etc… you are increasing your odds of success by generating interested leads and being able to follow up with them time and time again, building rapport, and closing more sales.

So when you find yourself looking for MLM advertising ideas that work, be sure to focus your ad on generating a good lead with a solid enticing offer.

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