Home Based Business Doesn’t Work

home based businessPeople say Home Based Business doesn’t work. And they are right. I’ve made my living in the home based business world since the year 2000 and I can absolutely tell you that it does not work. I will explain.

Here is an example of a real exchange that took place, today:

Him: This isn’t working. I’m not making any money. I quit.

Me: You’ve been with us for 42 days. You’ve attended no training.  You’ve set up no tools. What were you expecting to happen?

Him: I joined this business to make money and it’s just not working.

Me: The question I am asking you is what work are YOU doing to make your business grow?

Him: I’m just looking for a way to make money. I’m too busy to attend webinars and learn all this stuff. Don’t you have something that just works?

Me: No. I have a vehicle that allows you the opportunity to do the work and get the results you are looking for. But without you actually learning and applying the information I am giving you, it isn’t going to get you anywhere. 

He was right. “It” isn’t working. Home bases business doesn’t do the work for you. It is a vehicle that provides you the opportunity to do the work and create results. That is what makes a home based business so attractive to achievers and success minded individuals. The standard employee mindset is “what is the company going to do for me?”. The success mindset is, “Give me the opportunity. I will make it happen.”. And they know that when they do make it happen, they will be compensated based on those results.

This is one of the reasons I love running a home based business. I may go through periods where I put in crazy hours but I know that when I get the results that come from those crazy hours, my income goes up.

Having a job is fine. That job can keep some money coming in to pay bills while you are building your business. Getting to the place that you no longer need that job is a much better way to do life in my experience. But it takes work to get from the point of “joining the home based business” to BUILDING the home based business.

Put in the work. The results are so very worthwhile.


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5 thoughts on “Home Based Business Doesn’t Work”

  1. Thanks for this post..there is a big difference in being an employee to business owner. The first step on your road is to overcome the challenge of anything happening without you getting your hands in your project to lite the fuse. You give sound advice that starting your business is not a try and see what will happen

  2. I see this behavior so often. People seem to think that just because their ‘business’ is online, that someone is going to pay them for nothing. It takes hard work to find the diamonds that are willing to put in the time to succeed.


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