Find People Looking for MLM Opportunities

People Looking for MLM Opportunities

People Looking for mlm OpportunitiesAre you trying to use the internet to find people looking for mlm opportunities? If so, you are not alone.

Based on some of the stuff we can find on social media, promoting your MLM program online should be a slam-dunk, shouldn’t it? There are literally millions of people looking for mlm opportunities, extra income, automated lead generation, and automated follow up systems that can contact and sort through thousands of prospects at the push of a button. But, we may be missing the boat by focusing on the wrong stuff with our advertising.

Let me explain.

Most people getting started in Network Marketing start by looking for “opportunity seekers”. They think to themselves, Let me find some people looking for MLM opportunities and they focus solely on trying to “sell the opportunity”.  But once you’ve been around the industry for a while, you recognize that most “opportunity seekers” are looking for something that:

A. Doesn’t require much, if any work
B. Doesn’t cost anything to get started but pays a regular income
C. Doesn’t have any risk attached, especially the risk of being rejected

Are there exceptions? Absolutely. There are a lot of people looking for MLM opportunities while you are reading this article. But if all of your advertising and lead generation is focused on this group, you are missing a huge opportunity to build solid sustainable growth in your business.

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Here’s a better example of how to build:

Show folks how your product  or service can actually help them. Sure, there are people looking for MLM opportunities and you can find them. But there are also people looking for something that will help them solve a problem. Maybe they are looking for something to help with weight loss, or health and nutrition. Maybe they are looking for a good book, a good cup of coffee or tea. Maybe they are already involved with a MLM business and they are looking for some business tools to help them grow that business.

Are there actually people looking for MLM opportunities? Yes. Many of them are looking on this site. Many more are just looking for those other things. Show them now to get real benefit by using your product or service. Along the way, you can help them build a business if they want to. At the very least, you will have a solid customer who will stay with you because of the benefit they are receiving.

My advice:

Build your website and run your advertising around the BENEFITS of the PRODUCTS and SERVICES your company provides (not just the opportunity). Attract real customers to your offer then let them know that they can ALSO earn commissions by sharing the benefits (the very benefits they themselves have experienced) of your products and services with others.

You will experience much more success in building a long term, sustainable income stream from real customers who love and continue to order your products and not people who are really just looking for a get rich quick scheme.

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