SEO Results On a Budget

Tips For Getting Good SEO Results On A Budget

Can you get good SEO results on a budget? These days, it is rare thing to find a company that doesn’t have a website. And then they find out that getting the web site up was the easy part. The real challenge comes from making sure your web site is easy for potential customers to find.

It can be very challenging for start-ups and small businesses to get good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) results when they first publish their websites. To get more traffic, generate leads, and close sales through your website, each page and piece of content needs to be properly optimized. Trying to figure all that out while focusing on the day to day operations of building your business can be challenging to say the least.

Luckily for small companies, you can achieve good SEO results on a budget. Here are a few tricks you can start using right away to improve your SEO results for your website:

Target Your Key Words and Phrases Carefully.

A lot of SEO companies will promise you a top ranking on just about any words or phrases you choose. This can sound exciting but isn’t very realistic. For example, if you are a local mechanic trying to put together a SEO strategy on terms like “mechanic”, “auto shop”, “car repair” will most likely not result in your web site being listed anywhere within the top 20 pages of Google or any other known search engine. The term “mechanic” shows over 174,000,000 results. How realistic do you think it might be to get in the top 100 pages, much less the top 10 results on page 1?

Instead, try to think like your potential customers. What might they be searching for? If you are in Houston, you might try optimizing your pages for terms like “Houston mechanic” which has around 1,230,000 results. That’s still a LOT of competition but you can see how you’ve limited over 172,000,000 competitors for that SEO space. Get creative and think about what your potential customers might type in to their search engine to find a mechanic in their area. As an example, the term “North Houston Tx Mechanic” has less than 1,000,000 results.

Titles and Tags On Your Web Pages.

The titles and title tags your use on your web pages are a very important for getting good SEO results on a budget  for several reasons. Title tags can help you with page rankings, social media, and overall Search Engine Results Pages (SERP’s) Check your titles and title tags for each piece of content you’ve published on your web site. Make that each title is not breaking either of the following rules:

  • Is Your Title Too Long?  Most Search engines only display the first 60 (+/-) characters of a webpage title. Longer titles get chopped off and that can affect your overall results and how people view your pages in the SERP.
  • Is Your  Title Too Short? Give your reader something to click on when they do see your listing. You’ve worked hard to get your site listed in this prime s pit and you want to make sure your reader is enticed to click the link. If the title is too short, your reader may get distracted by a better title.

Check Your Meta Descriptions

The meta description is typically displayed in the search results as the description about the content on your page. Meta descriptions are hugely important and should make it clear what visitors will find when they click on the link. This is another way to let your reader know what is waiting for them if they click your link.

Be sure to avoid generic descriptions like Welcome to our web site. A good description will be a complete sentence that shows the reader what is waiting for them inside. Think of this as your opportunity to sell the reader on clicking the link to visit your page and learn more. Typically, most search engines will show the first 125 characters or so. Anything more is a waste of space. Anything less is a missed opportunity.

Don’t Try To Game The Search Engines

You may be familiar with terms like “black hat SEO” and “white hat SEO”. If you are looking for real results with long term rewards, focus your content and SEO strategies on the people you want to visit your site. Think like them. Create your content in a way that will make them want to see your site and learn more. Strategies that focus on this approach will work better for your business in the long run.

Here are a few real-world examples of how we have helped sites rank well without using any sort of tricks or paying for expensive advertising:

  • focuses on providing advertising services to the network marketing community. Searching for “Biggest Challenges in Network Marketing” pulls up close to 3,000,000 results. When this term is searched on Google, TheOnlineAdNetwork,com shows up in the #9 spot. This is an organic listing, meaning we did not pay for Google Advertising. In fact, we spent $0.00. We did spend a good amount of time on content and promotion. We’ll do some more work to get that even higher but this is a great start!

SEO Results On A Budget -

  • We recently began working on improving SEO ratings for Sheri Lavo, a Houston Jazz Singer, at Without spending any money on expensive advertising but using solid strategies to create good SEO results on a budget, we were able to help her quickly grab #1 spot on page 2 of Google! Later, she moved up to #7 on Page 1! That’s #7 out of more 2,500,000 results!

Houston Jazz Singer, Sheri Lavo

  • When working on SEO results for email marketing company,, we focused on getting the site ranked higher for their local market using the term “Houston Email Marketing“. We were quickly able to put their blog in the Top 10 Results out of more than 6,500,000 results:

Houston Email Marketing

These examples are provided to show you real world examples of how we were able to get good SEO results on a budget by following some simple and effective strategies. If you are ready to spend the time and apply these techniques, you can start to see similar results in your own SEO strategies.

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