Can Our Team Build Help You Build?

home based businessI am often asked by new members, “What is the best way to build my TOAN income?”. That’s a great question and there a few things I believe we should all be doing if we really want to build our TOAN income by referring other advertisers.

The first step is to recognize that you are in the advertising business. This means we sell advertising. So, your prospects are: businesses.

This can include local businesses in your area and businesses around the world including network marketers, affiliate marketers, real estate agents, musicians, restaurants, salons, service shops, fitness studios, etc…

To generate retail sales, talk to businesses in your area as you are running around town, eating at a restaurant, checking out a local shop, etc… Ask them if they advertise online. If not, sell them an ad in your ad panel. You set the price and keep 100% of the revenues you generate.

If you are connected with other people and groups involved with network marketing, it really just makes sense to let those people know about your advertising service and give them your Affiliate link. Your Affiliate links are listed in your back office. They can join just like you did to advertise their business and you will be paid as described in our pay plan.

Another option we make available to our Affiliates is what we call Our Team Build. This is an option that allows you to pay us to promote your Affiliate links through our rotator. We run promotions all over the web and are now starting to run print media ads, as well. This not only increases our overall advertising reach to give you more exposure but also results in us generating leads as other network marketers want to learn more about our advertising service.

Here is a direct mail piece we are running:

Our Team Build Advertising

As our system follows up with these prospects, they are directed to the Our Team Build rotator to get started. If you are participating in Our Team Build, your Affiliate link is included in the rotator. This can result in new sales for you.

In addition to including your Affiliate link in our rotator, we set up 4 banner ads and a text ad for you in the network. These ads are linked directly to your Affiliate URL. Any clicks  on those ads send prospects directly to your Affiliate presentation.

Our Team Build is a great addition to your other promotion efforts. Think of it as a way to outsource some of your advertising to our team here at The Online Ad Network for about 33 cents a day!

To learn more, log in to your account, scroll down, and click “Our Team Build”.

Yours In Success,

Brian Rooney