Best and Worst of Home Based Business

thumbs125x125Once you experience success in a home based business, you may find yourself asking, “Why isn’t everybody doing this?!?”. The benefits of a home based business are hard to argue with once you really see the big picture from a business standpoint.

But a home based business isn’t all big checks and chocolate cake! There are some real struggles that come along with (and often well before) the victories.

What is your favorite and/or least favorite thing about running a home based business?

Some folks hate prospecting. Some love it. I can’t say I love prospecting but I certainly don’t “hate” it. If we aren’t getting new prospects, we are out of business, so prospecting just makes sense.

Some folks miss the structure of a traditional job schedule. They like knowing when their day will start and end. Many home based business professionals enjoy the freedom of setting their own schedule and the variety that can happen from one day to the next; sometimes from one hour to the next. Personally, I love the freedom but I also know that I am prone to wasting a lot of time if I’m not careful.

Starting a home based business can often give you access to some very powerful tax breaks that are not available to traditional employees. But that can also lead to more book keeping and learning new ways to track expenses, manage deductions, etc..

Some folks struggle with finding time to work on their home based business, especially if they have a traditional job (or two or three). I held multiple jobs down while starting my home based business journey. That was a tough chapter, for sure.

And, of course, there is the money. Are you excited about the money you are earning with your home based business? Still struggling and ready to give up? Still working it through and know the best is on the way?

Tell us what you love / hate about your home based business by commenting below.

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4 thoughts on “Best and Worst of Home Based Business”

  1. It is not so easy to get prospects as it sounds. I am doing my utmost, but it looks like people are scared with all the scammings and hackers on the internet today. I will continue looking forward, because I know that I will reach my goal some day.

    • Hi, Siro. That is definitely the right attitude to have! And I commend you for having your ads set up and running. While much of this business is definitely simple, it’s not always easy. Sometimes, we have to learn new skills and even unlearn the old ways of doing things. Do you do any personal prospecting for your business or are you doing everything online?

  2. Hi there. Network marketing is exciting when it’s clicking and nerve-wracking when it’s dragging. But it is fun. You have to be an adventurous sort, willing to take risks, to BE and LIVE representing your company, your product, whatever it is. I say to BE actively with folks representing your field. Speaking up. Walking tall! Everything in the world that I know of is sold by some form of network marketing. Yes we dodge the naysayers, OR learn to be prepared with an succinct definition of network marketing that quickly shows it as NOT a ponzi scheme, scam, or anything negative, but a worldwide way of marketing goods that is honourable.
    Of course, we must be of integrity. Also be thrilled about our product. Be a user of your product so you can speak about it or your opportunity from the heart. Stick with your chosen opportunity and work it. Learn constantly. Analyze what works, what doesn’t. Find ‘Go To’ people that will mentor and help you.
    Read and listen to tapes. And through it all, discover YOUR style, your way of doing business that is a fit for your gifting. Your person.

    With great respect for Network Marketing and Network Marketers,

    Laura Matsuda


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