Are you curious about network marketing or MLM?

curious about network marketingAre you curious about network marketing? Network marketing, Multi-Level marketing, MLM … these are all names used to describe a marketing structure used by companies as a part of their overall marketing strategy.

Companies will often choose a network marketing model to create a sales force via rewarding independent distributors for the sales they generate as well as the sales generated by other distributors they may refer to the company.

The heirarchy that results from this type of sales team structure results in multiple levels of sales reps.

These sales reps are typically independent contractors. They may be referred to as distributors, associates, dealers, consultants, etc… Their primary focus should always be to represent the company that provides the products or services being sold. These sales reprs are paid commissions based on the sales they personally generate as well as the sales generated throughout their sales team.

Typically, sales reps begin developing a customer base of individuals who will purchase the products or services directly from the company. The company handles all sales orders, tracking, deliverables, acounting, etc… Sales reps can also purchase product directly from the company and sell for retail profits to local consumers or users.

Network marketing provides an opportunity for individuals to start their own business for a relatively low cost of entry. Compared to traditional business start-up costs such as franchising or opening an brick and morter store, the cost of starting your own mlm business is virtually nothing.

The key to success in network marketing is for the serious entrepreneur to do their research thoroughly and pick a solid company with products for which there is a proven market already in existence. It is then up to that serious entrepreneur to research and apply sales strategies and techniques that will lead to their success.

This site is presented as a free resource to help established network marketing professionals and those just curious about mlm to research options, strategies, resources, and perhaps even find that next great opportunity.

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11 thoughts on “Are you curious about network marketing or MLM?”

  1. People are naturally skeptical about all business on-line, they think it is all a scam. All you have to do is read a few ads at random, see the outrageous claims, and you understand why. The scammers and crooks really hurt those who are trying to run a legitimate business.

    • Or … as I prefer to look at it, the legitimate businesses really stand out and can do very well by simply making sure to add real value in their products and services.

  2. Brian,
    I think you hit the nail on the head with your blog. Your description of network
    marketing is very well thought out and makes perfect sense. I also think you give
    some very sound advice when you say to research thoroughly and pick a solid
    company. Also, I think one point to mention is that people join people when getting
    into network marketing, they really don’t join companies. At least that is usually what
    happens. People join whoever represents success and the ability to pass that success on to the new member so they can achieve what they want. Kind of like the popular
    quote “if you help people get what they want in life you can have what you want.”
    I salute you for all you do for the internet community with your fine services!

    • Thank you, Bennie. I’ll be putting together an article, soon, that digs more in to the idea of how people really join PEOPLE before they join any particular network marketing company. Credibility and Integrity are absolutely essential to success in any business; mlm included.

    • Don’t forget the all-important action! Truth be told, the business itself isn’t all that “exciting”. We follow the same steps consistently, advertise … prospect … follow up… sign up … train … and then start over with “advertise” again!

      The “exciting” part comes when you realize your income allows you to begin living life on your own terms. And THAT is why most of us are involved with network marketing.

  3. Brain i’m behind you all the way. I believe in you and what it’s your doing. A lote
    of people don’t understand that everything takes time. Most people would rather seat in front of a fire place expected heat, without first putting in the wood. I’m in RipTide and now aaachoo, which are both based on the true concept of team
    effert. Not when am i going to get paid, i signed up mentality.

    The Chef!

    • We’re glad to have you with us, Ritchie. One common trait I’ve seen shared among the most successful network marketers is the willingness to accept responsibility for their own success, and take the action required to get it done.

  4. I use TOAN and have received hits to my ads. The latest blog helps me to improve my subject lines and ad content as well. Thanks for the foresight to publish the help so many marketers seek.


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