TABC ReCertification

What is the TABC?
TABC stands for the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. Among other things, the TABC certifies and regulates courses for alcohol seller-server training. This training is also commonly referred to as TABC certification. Individuals that successfully complete the TABC  certification course are issued an official TABC certificate.

What is a “TABC certification”?
The Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission began certifying alcohol sellers-servers over 20 years ago. An official TABC certification is proof that you have completed an approved TABC certification program and that the TABC recognizes you as a certified seller-server of alcoholic beverages in the State of Texas. TABC recertification simply refers to the process of being decertified as part of the required continuing education and recertification process.

What are the benefits of TABC certification?
Becoming TABC certified is an important step in ensuring that you serve and sell alcohol responsibly. In some cases, you may receive a lower penalty for violating a sales or service law if you have been TABC certified. Your employer may also require that you be TABC certified before you begin work.

How do I get TABC certified?
The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) approves and authorizes training schools to provide TABC certification courses. Our course is approved by the TABC and contains all the necessary information for you to receive your TABC certification. All you have to do is enroll and complete our online TABC course and pass the online final exam. From the moment you pass the exam, you are TABC certified and you can print your official TABC certificate. Your official TABC certificate will also be emailed to you and you can login to your account at anytime to print a copy of your TABC certificate. We will send your training record to the TABC to be included in the official TABC training database.

How long will I be TABC certified for?
A TABC certification is valid for two years from the date of course completion. You can renew your TABC certification every two years by taking an online TABC course and passing the online exam again.

Is there an age restriction on getting TABC certified?
There is currently no age restriction for becoming TABC certified.

Can anyone get a TABC certification?
At this time, the only requirement for becoming TABC certified is that you have a valid social security number or worker ID number.

How do I renew my TABC certification?
The TABC does not have special TABC certificate renewal process. TABC recertification means you must complete the TABC training course every two years and pass the final exam in order to renew your TABC certification.