Your Favorite Prospecting Techniques

BrianRooneyWe hear about them all the time … online … offline … 3 foot rule … phone calls … emails … chat rooms … drop cards … direct mail … door hangers … networking events.

What is your favorite way to approach people about your business opportunity? Do you like to go after prospects or do you prefer to have prospects come after you?

What works best for you? Comment below to give us your feedback. Tell us what has worked for you and what has left you wishing you hadn’t gone there?


1 thought on “Your Favorite Prospecting Techniques”

  1. SEO to Capture page with video, squeezing a first name and email into my Aweber autoresponder so the technology can follow up with the prospect till they buy or die!

    This way They find You when They are looking for what you have to offer, as opposed to pushing your stuff on someone who probably doesn’t want your crap.

    SEO so there are no ongoing costs to advertise once your WordPress site is indexed and on Google’s first page for buyer keywords. Google because 90% of the world search there first when they want to buy something.

    Easier to sell when someone wants to buy for their own reasons then because you want to sell them something!


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