Rent A Chicken and Other Crazy Business Ideas

Crazy Business IdeasWhen you start thinking about business ideas, you probably stick with some of the common business ideas, such as a running a restaurant, driving a taxi, playing music, construction or some sort of service business. It makes sense. These types of businesses have been with us for as long as we can remember. People need to eat, get from Point A to Point B, get a place to live, and enjoy listening to music. But, believe it or not, these are some pretty unusual business ideas that seem to be actually making money for their owners.

For example, have you ever thought you would want to rent a chicken? But, believe it or not, there is enough of a market out there of people wondering if they want to be farmers and there is a company that will rent them a chicken. Rent-A-Chicken® will actually rent “two hens, and a coop outfitted with all the essentials to be delivered right to your backyard.”

Rent a Chicken and other Crazy Business IdeasStranger still, what about a business that makes jewelry out of human remains? There are actually several companies that offer this service. That’s right: Companies. Here’s how it works: you send in a tiny bit of the deceased one’s cremated remains and the companies will seal it into a glass pendant. Evidently there’s something to this idea, as there are a bunch of places looking to craft jewelry from the cremated remains of your loved ones.

Pet Rock and Other Crazy Business IdeasOf course, who can forget the Pet Rock? Apparently, founder Gary Dahl convinced people it would be a good idea to have a rock as a pet and has reportedly earned $15 million in the process. It’s the only pet you’ll never have to feed, walk, or take to the vet! Imagine telling your friends and family you plan to become a millionaire shipping out single rocks, one at a time, for $19.95.

The snuggle and Crazy Business IdeasRemember the snuggie? These have become infamous; really, who hasn’t heard of these? It’s a blanket with sleeves on it. I remember seeing an ad for snuggies and thought it was a joke. But Snuggies have become extremely popular. They are considered by many to be so ridiculous that this may be what makes them so popular. Whoever thought to add sleeves to a blanket probably got laughed at. And now they are laughing all the way to the bank.

Cheese SculptingCheese Sculpting and Crazy Business Ideas? What kind of person needs a giant cheese sculpture? As it turns out, giant cheese sculptures are perfect for festivals of all kinds. For example, food and wine festivals, state fairs, and sporting events all love to have Big cheese sculptures. Sarah the Cheese Lady has turner he skills in to a thriving business. Her skills have garnered national attention, making this weird idea into a success.

Anger Room and other Crazy Business IdeasDo you ever get so angry that you just want to break stuff? Have you ever lost your temper and actually broken something in anger? Then you may be the perfect customer for the “Anger Room.” The idea is really pretty simple: You pick the destructive instrument of your choice (a bat, golf club, etc.) and are taken to a room with a few pieces of junk furniture (televisions and other breakables in particular). And then… You smash to your heart’s desire. It’s $25 for every 5 minutes. Expensive? Sure, but you probably wouldn’t last that long anyway, and you won’t have the added expense of replacing or repairing what you broke at home.

Any way you slice it, ponder it, rent it … there are some pretty crazy ways to make money. Don’t be afraid to look outside the box and see what you can come up with for your own wacky and hopefully profitable business ideas.


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7 thoughts on “Rent A Chicken and Other Crazy Business Ideas”

  1. Good Stuff !
    I remember the pet rock, wish I had thought of it.
    The snuggie actually makes a good Christmas gift for nieces & nephews in college. Found some with a nite lite attached to it!

  2. I really like the Rent a Chicken idea. Outside of the traditional purpose (meat), raising chickens is very beneficial. Really! I began raising them about two years ago and have learned so much about them. If you have a yard they make very good gardeners. They fertilize, till soil, and control the insect population in and around your plants. Prior to going into this I figured that it would be a headache…but I’d say that chickens are some of the most low-maintenance pets I’ve ever owned. This company has obviously focused on the overlooked benefits and seeks to educate the public.

    …and make a ton of money in the process.

    • Had chickens years ago when I was a country dweller. Enjoyed the eggs and having them eat bugs. Never once crossed my mind to rent chickens. I would have called it one of those crazy business ideas and laughed. How wrong I would have been!

  3. Many of these ideas stem from the principal of finding the solution to life’s problems. But SOME can be attributed to simply being lazy. Fifteen years ago I couldn’t fathom the thought of a dog dropping (pick up) business. These days you might see a branded (vehicle wrap and all) truck advertising Poop Pick Up service a few times a week in central Florida. The idea is growing around here.

    Another example makes me think of myself…I wouldn’t dare sacrifice 30-60 minutes of any Saturday to change the oil in my vehicle. Sure, it can be simple, but I just have no interest in the mess.

    I’m the type to simply go pay some one to do it for me.

    • Good points! Successful business focuses on helping to solve a problem. I’m with you on the oil change. I did it when I was younger and probably could do it now. Not gonna happen, though!


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