Reasons To Love Network Marketing

reasons to love network marketingLooking for reasons to love network marketing? It’s easy to think of all the negative things people have to say about network marketing. A lot of folks are just out there doing it wrong, over promising and under delivering. But there are also folks out there doing a great job. I’ve been full-time in this incredible industry for over 17 years and I absolutely love it.

Here are just a few of my reasons to love network marketing:

Time freedom. When I got started, I was working crazy hours. I had to do my regular job and then, after a long day at work, put in the time to build my network marketing business. These days, I don’t have a “regular job” any more. I pretty well set the hours I want to work. And, yes … I do still work on my business. Network marketing is a business, folks. Successful networkers are building their business.

Income. I started my network marketing venture because I wanted to make money. This is why business people start businesses.  But, income isn’t really the goal. Income makes your other goals available. So, let’s look at some more.

Family. When I had a regular job, I had good income. I didn’t have much time freedom. The biggest thing I missed was time with my family. I was raising 5 beautiful children. I wanted to be a real part of their lives; not just hear about their lives when I got home from work.

Tax Deductions. You will want to contact your local tax professional for details about your situation but a good CPA will be able to guide you toward some incredible tax strategies that home based business owners have available. The average employee misses some pretty incredible deductions and savings. Frankly, just starting a home based business so you can take advantage of legal tax saving and tax reducing strategies just makes good financial sense.

Pure logic. The products and services I get via network marketing are products and services I am going to use anyway. I enjoy the products. I use the products. So, now, I can earn a commission when I recommend them to someone else. We all make recommendations, every day. We recommend books, movies, restaurants, service companies, etc… Network marketing just lets us get paid when we make these recommendations.

What are some of your reasons to love network marketing?

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