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online mlm lead generationIf you’ve been around MLM or network marketing for any length of time, whether you are a seasoned professional or a complete rookie, the challenge is always the same: Finding people to talk to.

When you signed up, you got excited about your opportunity. It “just made sense” or it was “incredibly exciting” or “everyone needs it” or “how could anyone say ‘no’?”. We’ve all been there. And then reality hits us. We find that folks aren’t interested. Or they know a guy who “tried one of those things” once. Or they are stuck in the 70’s and keep using the “pyramid” argument. You may try to help them understand what they’re actually talking about but the end result is typically the same. They stay in their mind space and you are still looking for someone to talk to.

So we look at what the other successful MLM professionals are doing and we start seeing things like:

  • Make a list of friends and family.
  • Throw high pressure home parties.
  • Attend hotel meetings.
  • Approach strangers who are dressed well or drive nice cars.

After a while, we see why most people quit on the MLM industry. These tactics are high pressure and here is the really important part: Most people simply are  NOT going to do this stuff!

I do talk to people but it’s really very conversational. I might tell them about my business or they might ask and I simply reply. It’s easy to find out if they want to know more.

What changed things for me was when I found a strategy to help me with online mlm lead generation. You see, while most of us are chasing down friends and family, there are a LOT of people going online actually LOOKING for ways to make money from home. They see web sites and blogs like this one that offer tips, advice, strategies, and … advertising.

The way it works for me is that I run my ads online. I run ads on Facebook. I run ads on Traffic Exchanges. I do email marketing. I run ads right here at Why do I do this? Simple. People are LOOKING for ways to supplement their income or replace their income and I want them to be able to see my information.

There is no real “magic” to it. When people see my ads, they make a decision about whether or not they want to learn more. If they don’t, they just move on. If they do, they click my ad. In my case, when they click my ad, they are taken to a capture page where they can request free information. In exchange, I ask for their name and email so I can follow up with them.

My followup letters are constantly sending them information and inviting them to get back to me with any questions. Sometimes, I may get a few emails back and forth, a Skype conversation, or even a phone call. My goal at that point is to build a rapport with my prospects and help them make a good decision for them and their family. Sometimes, folks just sign up without me ever talking to them. But I find that building a rapport with your prospects helps you better support them and show them how to build their business with you.

Online MLM Lead Generation isn’t a magic button. It’s simply a powerful strategy that you can use to reach out to people who are actively seeing out information about working from home.

Used effectively, you can put this strategy to work in your own home based business to generate online mlm leads and build your business alongside of other more traditional strategies.

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  1. I have only been in MLM a couple of years now. I agree that the hardest part is actually the conversation. Some I have talked to and start give up early on. You are right that there are many I do not connect with. Great article.



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