Keys To Success with The Online Ad Network

online advertisingWhen someone is brand new to The Online Ad Network, they are wondering, “What do I do, now?” You probably asked this same question when you got started, right? Your downline is asking, too.

This article is going to lay it out for you. Follow these steps to begin creating success in your advertising business with us here at The Online Ad Network.

This really is simple stuff. The key is to DO the stuff.

You will want to make sure of two things if your goal is to build a significant income with use here at the Online Ad Network.

Those things are:

1) Do the things listed below.
2) Teach your downline to do the things listed below.

It truly is this simple:

1. Set Up Your Ads

You can run up to 50 ads in your account. Some of these can be for your primary business. Some can be for your TOAN Affiliate URL. Some can be sold to other advertisers for whatever price you decide! Instructions on how to set up your ad panel and load your ads are found in your back office.

2. Send Out Invitations

It’s as simple as sending email and/or messages to people you know who are involved in network marketing, have expressed any interest in network marketing, have pitched you on their opportunity, etc…

If you are using an autoresponder (and you should be), send a message to your subscribers.

Send them a message letting them know about your offer to help them promote their business. Here’s an example:

I am pretty excited about this system I have found that is helping me promote my business AND create an additional income stream in the process. We’ve actually got people generating online leads for their opportunity turning a simple advertising system into a 5 figure income! 

If online leads and daily pay are something you are interested in, you should take a look. I’m getting ready to start building my team and would love to have you with me.

[Put one of your Affiliate URL’s here]

3. Post On Twitter and Facebook

Log in to your back office. At the top of your screen, you will see your Affiliate links. Next to each affiliate link is a “tweet this” button and a Facebook button. To tweet the link, click the “tweet this” button. To post on facebook, click the Facebook button.

I recommend tweeting and posting ONE of your Affiliate links every 2-3 days.

What to expect:

Your results are going to be determined by your credibility and level of influence. If you are new to the industry or haven’t built a big following yet, your results are not going to be as fast as someone with a big list and strong success record. That’s ok. EVERYBODY starts at the beginning.

The key is to get started, be patient, and be consistent.


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