Biggest Challenges In Network Marketing

network marketingIf you want to succeed  in network marketing, you need to know how to handle and solve the biggest challenges and common problems you will be facing. The challenges are real and they exist for every single person in the industry.

The difference between success and failure is determined by how you deal with these challenges.

Here are some of the biggest challenges facing network marketers building a successful business

You will have disappointments with people you try to recruit to your business.
They will try to make you change your mind. Yes, they will. Believe it or not, some people really do not want you to succeed. They are going to say things that are designed to steal your thunder and make you give up. You’ve probably heard something like: “I knew a guy who joined one of these deals and it didn’t work out”. Recognize that no matter how excited YOU are, there are people who are just not ready yet. Stay in touch with them. Check in from time to time to let them know how you are going and see if they might be open to learning more.

Your history before Network Marketing will impact how quickly you succeed.
Those “overnight success” stories we all like to hear? There was a lot of work going on where you didn’t see them that lead up to their success. Some of them took years. We all start at the beginning. If you have no business experience, no success, and no track record, people are not going to automatically trust your advice. If the people you are talking to are the same folks that you sit, drink, whine, and complain to, they are probably not looking to you for advice at this point. If you do have business and industry credibility, that’s a huge plus. If you do not, be sure to plug in to your upline, sponsor, and company for 3rd party validation, 3-way calls, webinars, and more. Introduce your associates to “someone who has experienced tremendous success and is teaching me”.

People are going to lie to you.
The most common challenge is that the ones that said they will work hard, will “plug in”, will follow the training, and promise to make you rich, are the ones that will actually work the least. In my experience, the real workers are just so busy DOING the work, they don’t have time to make empty promises or excuses. Recognize that it is easier for most people to lie than it is to just tell you “no”. It’s just part of the process we all go through.

People are going to tell you “no”.
You may sincerely believe this person would be great at your business. You can see them walking the stage to accept that plaque, ribbon, or ring. You see them thank you for introducing them to your network marketing business. Many of these people are going to tell you “no”.  Remember that “no” is something that just happens. The most successful people I know in network marketing have collected a LOT of “no’s” from prospects over the years. Some of those become “yes” when life changes kick in.

Your leaders will be approached by people in other companies.
Some of your team will be recruited away. It happens to us all. The key is to remember that you do not “own” anyone in your business. You are working together. Some of them are going to pursue other opportunities. Don’t  let that destroy your friendship. You may work together again in the future. Celebrate their success, even if it is with someone else. There may be opportunities in the future for you to work together, again.

Your company is going to disappoint you.
There is no perfect company. The best you can do is find a company with strong leadership, a proven system, and good credibility. Sometimes, companies fail. Sometimes, companies make policy changes for either legal reasons or financial reasons. Recognize that change does happen and work WITH your network marketing management and upline to communicate and resolve any issues quickly.

People are going to quit.
Just like people give up on their  new year’s resolutions, their relationships, gym memberships, etc… people are going to quit the business. The best way to deal with it is to know it’s going to happen, don’t be surprised when it happens, don’t spend time trying to get them back in, and focus on building new business and working with those team members who WANT to create success with you. I have people quit on me  on a regular basis. I just keep looking for and working with my motivated team members that want success and keep running with me.

You will question yourself.
Sooner than later you will begin to doubt yourself and your abilities as an entrepreneur. This is very common and you will need to prepare for this to happen. The “no” responses start eating at you. The failure of some folks to follow through will frustrate you. Find a good mentor who has been through this before and will guide you in the right direction. And Remember: Complain upline, and support downline. Never let your team see or hear you complaining. Your mentor/upline can help you through the challenges. They have probably experienced it themselves and may have some good advice. Check in with them.

Keys To Remember:

  • Spend 15 minutes to one hour per day to improve yourself. It can be watching training videos, reading personal development books or any other way of building your confidence to a higher level.
  • Remember that you are not the first or the last to experience these challenges. How you deal with them will help determine your success and qualify you to coach your team through the same challenges they will face.

Every successful network marketing professional you have heard about, read about, or met has been through these same challenges. The reason they are successful is that they didn’t let these challenges stop them. They learned from them, made adjustments, and kept on building.

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4 thoughts on “Biggest Challenges In Network Marketing”

  1. Thanks Brian. These are no doubt common to all business endeavours, but probably more of an issue in network marketing. Good advice to follow there though. Should be printed and posted on the fridge.

  2. I see this challenge all the time – most people aren’t sure how to promote their MLM opportunity. And they seem to have challenges with proper branding. Even the offline type of advertising can get to be generic. I feel like some people try too hard and forget their creativity when it comes to promoting. After they run through their list of family and friends they get stuck at the next level – if they graduate to that at all.


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