Internet Marketing Myths

internet marketing mythsThe world is full of internet marketing myths. You can absolutely create internet marketing success but you must get away from the myths and focus on what actually creates results.

Far too many people come to the inaccurate conclusion that “internet marketing doesn’t work” when the reality is that what they tried didn’t work.

So, let’s break down some of these internet marketing myths and get down to how to create success.

If You Build It They Will Come This is a great movie line but not a solid business practice. Building a web site is like buying business cards. If you leave the cards in a box on your desk, they are basically worthless. Building a web site and then not actually promoting it will get you the same level of results.

All You Need Is a Web Site There is actually quite a bit more to successful internet marketing. Your web site doesn’t have to be amazing or even fancy, but it does need to have a few components if you want to experience internet marketing success.

First … does your web site offer to solve a problem or provide a solution. A lot of sites we see are nothing more than someone asking for an order. People aren’t actually surfing the web looking for stuff to buy. They are searching for information and solutions. If your web site offers valuable information or solutions, you’re off to a good start.

Second … does your web site just start out asking for the sale or does it provide a way to learn more? Ultimately, you do want sales, of course. But, if you ever just walked in to a bar and asked the first person you saw to marry you, chances are you would be very lonely for a very long time.

Instead, you would introduce yourself. Ask good questions to get to know the person. Show them you witty, entertaining, or interesting you are. Then, after you have established rapport, you might actually ask them on a date to get to know them better.

Your web site should really take the same approach. Build it so that when you promote it and someone comes to it, they see that you have something to offer them.

Use an autoresponder and add a capture form so that you can follow up with them and give them more information.

Shares some success stories along the way to show visitors how you have helped others.

You Don’t Even Need To Promote This one is just basic common sense. You absolutely need to promote your web site if you want to experience internet marketing success. Promotion can be as simple as making sure your web site address (your URL) is on your business cards and any other printed material. It can include posting on your social media channels. It can include free and paid advertising resources online, traffic exchanges, safe lists, etc…

The important to realize is that people are absolutely making money online. These are the same folks who are not buying in to the internet marketing myths. They are using sound business principles and setting up their web site to solve a problem and generate leads for their business.

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